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After the two were spotted together at a Halloween party, rumors swirled that Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin might be dating.

If you were hoping it wasn’t true, we have some bad news for you.

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While most of America missed out on traditional Halloween celebrations, a number of celebrities partied as if it were any other year.

Two of those celebs were Scott Disick and Amelia Gray Hamlin.

They were spotted hanging out together … possibly as friends who didn’t care what eyewitnesses thought, but possibly as a couple.

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37-year-old Scott is of course famous for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Amelia is a 19-year-old model whose parents are Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin.

She has appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and has been a topic of conversation and even contention between Lisa and her castmates.

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Amelia is Scott’s type — an extremely hot model who is also 19 years old.

His last serious relationship was with Sophia Richie, another super hot model who was 19 when the two first hooked up and began dating.

Notably, while not all of Scott’s 19-year-old flings are from famous celebrity dynasties, both Sophia and Amelia have famous parents.

Scott Disick Turns Serious

So it was natural that people would see Scott and Amelia side by side at a party (especially since they arrived together) and assume that they’re boning.

But obviously, most of us have at some point arrived somewhere without helping our traveling companion nut. Maybe they were just friends?

Well … given their latest posts, maybe not.

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See this handsome spread of pasta?

Both Scott and Amelia posted photos of what appears to be the exact same meal on social media.

It was only the captions of this apparent dinner date that differed.

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"My love," Scott gushed in his caption.

Amelia wrote a simpler and understated "Family Dinner."

Could it be that they both just happened to eat the exact same meal at the same place at the same time … Amelia dining with her family?

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We wouldn’t care to try to pin down what either caption means — trolling is always a possibility.

But it’s possible that neither of them were playing games with their caption, and that the two had dinner with Amelia’s parents.

If your 19 year old daughter were dating a 37-year-old f–kboy notorious for dating teen girls until they get fed up with him … you’d want to meet him, at least.

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That said … multiple sources have quickly denied that they are dating.

The Halloween party arrival has been characterized as simply Scott arriving with a group of friends, some men and some women.

We are meant to believe that Amelia was simply the most eye-catching of the bunch and so people jumped to conclusions and spread salacious rumors.

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Amelia has allegedly denied that she is dating the much older man.

That does lead us to have a lot of questions that we would like to ask about their sharing of these pasta pics, not to mention the captions.

So we ask again — are they just trolling us? Because that is very possible.