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Ryan Edwards has had a difficult year.

Come to think of it, the guy’s entire adult life has been pretty rough.

Mind you, we’re not saying you should feel bad for him, as he’s 100 percent responsible for most of his misfortune.

Still, we can’t help but feel a slight twinge of sympathy when we see the toll that all these challenges have been taking on him physically.

Ryan Edwards' Gray Hair

In recent weeks, Ryan’s appearance has sparked concern and served as inspiration for memes on Reddit and other social media platforms.

As you can see, Edwards is looking a bit older than his 33 years.

He’s been prematurely gray for a while, but lately, he seems to have taken on a vacant expression that has fans fearing the worst.

Photo via Instagram

Many have jumped to the conclusion that Ryan is back in drugs, and given his long history of substance abuse, we suppose that’s not surprising.

After all, Ryan has been to rehab several times, and Maci Bookout has speculated on more than one occasion that his wife and parents have been turning a blind eye to his latest relapse.

The situation has drawn unflattering comparisons to another Teen Mom regular who has struggled with substance abuse, Tyler Baltierra’s father Butch.

Obviously, we can’t say for certain if Ryan is using again or not.

It’s entirely possible that other circumstances in his life have begun to take a toll.

After all, Edwards has suffered one setback after another in 2021.

Photo via Instagram

First, his son Bentley refused to see Ryan unless he agreed to go to therapy.

(Edwards, of course, refused.)

And this week brought news that Ryan and his family have been fired from Teen Mom OG at Maci’s request.

Photo via MTV

Given the fact that the show was Ryan and Mackenzie’s sole source of income, we suppose it’s not hard to see how the news might be a major source of stress for Edwards.

But many fans feel that even that development doesn’t account for the recent changes in Ryan’s appearance.

And they’re using a collage showing photos of Edwards over the years to prove that he’s been on a rapid decline lately, possibly brought about by a deep depression.

“I’ve commented before that Rhine is a perfect example of someone who has lost the will to live," one Reddit user wrote.

"But all of these together also shows that the light is completely gone from his eyes."

“It’s not just the drug use with him, he looks like a man who struggles to get up every single day,” another added.

Photo via Instagram

“I don’t know how his wife and family don’t see it, but the only joy this man has is his dog and his vape. He seems to take very little pleasure in anything including his kids and normal social interaction like his son’s birthday.”

"I know it’s up [to] Ryan to want to quit or it won’t happen,” a third chimed in.

“But the enabling & denial from mack and his parents are just making him sicker quicker. It’s like they don’t understand that it’s seriously life or death with any drug addiction.”

Mackenzie Standifer Edwards and Ryan Edwards

One person who has no complaints about Ryan’s appearance, however, is his wife, Mackenzie.

“Hey! STFU that’s my grandpa!” she responded to one recent fan comment. “I like his gray! Goodbye.”

“First of all, I’d be having to cover his roots every two weeks, but I really like it!!!” she wrote to another fan who suggested she dye his hair.

Ryan Edwards With His Family

“I think he looks great.”

Ryan’s father has also spoken out on the recent slate of rumors, assuring fans that his son is definitely not back on drugs.

"He’s doing just fine,” the elder Edwards recently told UK tabloid The Sun.

Larry Edwards, Jen Edwards
Photo via Instagram

“Do you think if anything had or would happen they wouldn’t have already exposed it?”

The "they" Larry is referring to seems to be Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney.

We hate to burst Larry’s bubble, but Maci and Taylor have definitely been telling the world that Ryan is using again.