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Remember that commercial from the 1980s?

The one that featured a narrator talking over a photograph of one’s brain and stating on air that "this is your brain?"

And then the screen cuts to video of an egg being scrambled and the same narrator intones, "this is your brain on drugs," prior to asking:

Any questions?

Ryan Edwards Teen Mom Photo
Photo via MTV

The ad is very old. We understand that many readers might never have seen it.

Fortunately, however, Ryan Edwards is now here to serve as a similar type of public service announcement.

The Teen Mom OG star — who is the father of Maci Bookout’s first child, 12-year old Bentley — has been in the news of late because he (and even his parents) continues to feud with Bookout over how often he’s alllowed to see his son.

Due to his history of legal trouble and drug abuse, Edwards rarely spends time with Bentley.

Photo via MTV

According to Maci, this is because Bentley has no interest in seeing his dad; not until Ryan goes to therapy and works on his many personal problems.

According to Ryan, Maci is an "evil spiteful bitch" who is keeping their kid from him.

So, yeah.

These two have plenty of issues to sort out.

Ryan Edwars and Mack Standifer
Photo via Instagram

This has been clear for a very long time now.

And yet: Some social media users are only just starting to take a close examination of Edwards, studying his transformation over the years and realizing…

whoa, this guy has changed a lot!

Such a revelation is sweeping across after a user shared two photos of the 33-year-old side by side, including with them a caption that reads:

“You’d never know that this was the same person."

Photo via Instagram

We all change over time.

But many folks out there were blown away by the steep decline of Edwards from, presumably, his pre-drug days to his post-drug days.

“The perfect poster child for why drugs are bad," wrote one critic, while another added:

"God he looks aweful! [sic]. I would of thought he look like a brad pitt or George Clooney & age well like alot of men do.

"But nope he was the opposite. He is my age (I’ll be 33 in 6 days) and he is almost fully gray!"

Ryan and Mackenzie Date Night

A third person referenced ongoing Teen Mom OG episodes and stated:

“Drugs really screwed him up smdh. Now he does nothing but whine cause…his first child to not want to be around him."

Edwards, to his semi-credit, has checked into rehab on multiple occasions and often acknowledged his substance abuse struggles.

Mackenzie Standifer Edwards and Ryan Edwards

In September of 2019, the reality star discussed his heroin use with Dr. Drew during a reunion special and admitted he doesn’t remember when he started to use the drug — but "never" went back to using anything else.

As for his sobriety, Ryan was realistic.

"Unfortunately, I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow," he said.

"I can’t sit here and say ‘Oh, I’ll be sober for the rest of my life.’ I don’t know that, but I would love to be and I’m willing to do pretty much whatever it’s going to take."

Ryan Edwards, Jagger
Photo via instagram

Ryan may have been trying, but a handful of MTV viewers thought Edwards was acting high on the latest Teen Mom OG episode.

The father of three sparked concern while talking outside he and wife’s Mackenzie Standifer’s home about PCOS month, a cause his ex was fundraising for.

"Why does it need a month… why… I’m just confused like why do you need awareness about something that you can’t control?" asked Edwards, seemingly quite confounded about something very basic.

Ryan Edwards Mug Shot, Take 3
Photo via Hamilton County Jail

As recently as December, Edwards claimed he was clean and sober.

We don’t know for certain if that’s true.

But while Ryan is easy to mock, let’s not lose sight of the fact that he’s the father of young kids.

For their sake, we do truly hope he’s on a path to full-time recovery.