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Leah Messer knows what you’re saying about her.

She knows what you’re wondering.

And while the Teen Mom OG star may be aware that she opened the door to this speculation a bit via an interview she recently gave, Messer still has quite a lot to say about all the rumors circulating around the Internet.

And most of it is very negative.

Leah Messer on Her Insta Page

To catch you up very quickly:

Earlier this month, Messer said she was open to having a fourth kid.

Only if she marries a man who badly wants a child, that is, and only if this hypothetical spouses was willing to take on a significant amount of parental responsibilities.

Just two days later… bam!

There was talk that Messer is pregnant.

Leah Messer and Trio of Kids
Photo via Instagram

Is there any proof to back up this claim?


Leah, meanwhile, initially reacted to this chatter with humor — and an extremely clear answer to the pregnancy question.

“It’s thirsty Thursday and I’m not pregnant. Cheers,” the mom of three captioned a video on Instagram on March 11, adding champagne and laughing emojis.

Leah Messer with Daughters
Photo via Instagram

But then?

Messer apparently thought more about this quasi invasion of her privacy and shared some deeper, angrier and more broad thoughts on the subject.

"Regardless of how many years I’ve been on TV, I will never stop being amazed by some of the headlines," wrote Leah on Friday morning via social media.

"But honestly, why is it that everyone is so concerned with a woman’s uterus?"

Photo via MTV

Messer went on to take issue with anyone who "assumes a woman is looking for a relationship or to have kids."

"Why is THAT what makes the headlines?" she asked.

"Is that what society is accustomed to? Is that what you assume when you see a single woman? Some women just want their space to discover themselves.

"Some women just want their own successful careers! Some women love cooking, and some women don’t! Some women want a big family, and some women don’t! Some women want to get married, and some women don’t."

Leah Messer with a Mug
Photo via Instagram

Indeed, Messer has been single for awhile now.

And seems pretty darn content with that status.

She split from Jason Jordan in 2019 and said afterwards:

"I definitely want someone that’s compassionate and empathetic. A hard worker [that] has a good career path for themselves…

"And I also want to be able to take time apart from each other and it not be, like, a conflict. Like, you have your thing, I have my thing."

Leah Messer Rocks a Sports Bra
Photo via Instagram

The only thing she then said to generate chatter about her womb was this quote a number of days back:

“If I were to ever get remarried, and let’s say they didn’t have kids and would want a child, it would have to come with terms and conditions this time because I put my work in!

"I don’t know.

"Whatever’s meant to be will happen."

Photo via Instagram

After shooting down the ongoing pregnancy rumor, Messer conclude her latest Instagram post with a message to women around the world:

Boss up ladies, get that degree, open that business, turn down the proposal, leave the toxic relationship, be YOU and do WHAT you want to do no matter what society tells you.

You don’t have to rush your timeline gorgeous.

Just live a life you’re proud of!