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What’s the opposite of a noble cause?

Because it seems like that’s exactly what Kris Jenner’s campaign to save Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage is.

As far as we can tell, nobody wants this marriage to be saved, least of all Kim and Kanye themselves.

Kris, Kim & Kanye
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But that’s not gonna stop Kris from fighting to stop the most overdue divorce in Hollywood history.

Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, these two should have called it quits a long time ago.

Anyway, Kim filed for divorce last month, and there was a time when it looked as though she and ‘Ye might be able to go their separate ways with minimal drama.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in 2018

Sure, Kim and Kanye have billions in assets to split and four kids, but an iron-clad prenup combined with West’s negligent parenting combined to help them iron out a mutually beneficial arrangement.

The only thing that could stop them from finalizing this thing on civil terms is a meddling relative sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

Enter Kris, who — according to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun — has now stepped in to help Kim and Kanye "navigate the situation."

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"Kris has finally decided to step in and reconnect with Kanye," a source tells the outlet.

"She felt it was time to help Kim show Kanye that family comes first."

That’s a tall order when you’re talking about a guy whose defining trait is narcissism, but it seems Kris is holding out hope that Yeezy can be rehabilitated.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Snapsho
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In an absolutely shocking turn of events, it seems Kanye hasn’t been terribly receptive to the admonitions of his soon to be ex-mother-in-law:

"The problem Kris is facing is that Kanye just doesn’t seem to be interested at the moment. He has other things on his plate," the insider adds.

"Kanye has work to do. His Yeezy line and his new music is #1 at the moment and Kim’s words seem to have had no bearing on making Kanye focus on their deteriorating relationship."

See Ya, Kanye!
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Apparently, there’s a country in which Kanye’s new music is number one, and we assume Kanye is currently headed there for some much-needed ego-stroking.

More importantly, however, Kris is reportedly determined to make these two settle their differences, and not just for Kim’s sake.

The infamous momager tends to form close relationships with her daughters’ boyfriends and husbands, and Kanye is no exception.

Kimye Throwback
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Maybe Kris feels that with Keeping Up With the Kardashians coming to an end, she’s already losing enough this year.

Whatever the case, it seems she’s just not ready to let ‘Ye leave the family"

"Kris couldn’t stand watching her daughter suffer anymore and has really felt that Kanye could use her support too," the insider claims.

Kim and Kris at Kim's Birthday
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"She decided standing back and giving them space at this point wasn’t helping. So she has stepped in to navigate the situation."

Kanye, of course, is not exactly thrilled with this attempted intervention:

"Kris and Kanye are truly butting heads. They have had a very tumultuous relationship in the past and in the last year spoke very little, but now they are not only talking but they are fighting again," says the source.

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"Kris is a very good mediator and a great listener. Their calls are not just about Kim and Kanye’s relationship but also over business and money," the informant adds.

"But Kanye has had it, he doesn’t want Kris to be interjecting when she isn’t his manager."

We don’t often say this, but we have to side with Kanye on this one.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Outside

"Kris is all about family and keeping it together. She and Kanye are at least back on talking terms and she’s doing the very best to salvage the situation. Kim’s marriage has become a huge priority," the source goes on.

"Kris has spent a great deal of time trying to impress on Kanye what he will be losing by not focusing on health and family but he is standing his ground and isn’t taking any of this seriously. 

“Kris isn’t ready to give up and knows that Kim wants it to work so much and is still holding on to that little chance they could work things out.”

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Clearly, Kris is having a hard time facing reality.

Maybe someone needs her to remind her of the time Kanye called her a white supremacist, or all the other bonkers things he’s done in the past six years.

We’re happy to make a list if Kris thinks that will help.