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Kathryn Dennis has sent a not-to-subtle message to both her fans and her haters alike.

The Southern Charm star shared a selfie on Thursday of herself and her six-year old daughter, Kensie, smiling broadly alongside the very young woman and including with the photo a caption that reads:

Of all the names I’ve been called, Mommy is my favorite. 

Kathryn Dennis and Daughter
Photo via Instagram

Dennis is clearly making a reference here to viewers who aren’t a big fan of hers.

While also making a reference to her disappointing recent development.

As previously reported, Dennis has temporarily lost custody of Kensie and her four-year old son, Saint, to ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel.

This, at the moment, is the culmination to an extremely ugly legal battle between Dennis and Ravenel, both of whom have often trashed the other as irresponsible drug addicts.

Photo via Instagram

In a statement to People Magazine on Tuesday, Ravenel’s lawyer said Dennis has supervised weekend visitation, and nothing more, right now.

"I can confirm the information released last week that Ms. Dennis currently has weekend, daytime supervised visitation with the parties’ minor children and that Mr. Ravenel plans to relocate with the children to Aiken, South Carolina this summer," the statement opened.

According to this same attorney, the reason for the change to the formerr couple’s previous joint custody agreement is unknown as because "all documents in this case have been sealed."

Ravenel, however, "plans to relocate with the children to Aiken, South Carolina this summer," this message adds.

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel on TV
Photo via BRAVO

It’s unclear what such a move would mean for Dennis and her ability to co-parent these children.

But she can’t be happy about the potential change of address.

In 2019, the exes battled in court, eventually agreeing to share joint custody of their children, with Ravenel being awarded primary legal custody.

Dennis seemed satisfied with the arrangement at the time.

Photo via Bravo

This is what she Tweeted back then:

"Just want to let my fans hear from me officially that Thomas and I have resolved all matters related to our children. I believe that this joint custody arrangement is in our children’s best interests.

"Happy to move forward.

"Thank y’all for all of your patience, support & love."

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel in 2020
Photo via Instagram

Dennis and Ravenel, who dated on and off from 2014 to 2016, ended their romance for good amid the latter’s struggle with substance abuse.

The Bravo star subsequently checked into treatment and filed for the aforementioned joint custody of her son and daughter.

Dennis later filed for sole custody of Kensie and Saint after Ravenel was arrested for assault and battery, stemming from an alleged January 2015 encounter with the children’s former nanny, who has accused him of rape.

After Ravenel settled the case, a judge ruled that the ex-couple would continue to share joint custody.

He was fired by Bravo in 2018 as a result of this accusation.

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, Kensie Preschool Graduation
Photo via Instagram

Dennis, for her part, remains part of the Southern Charm cast.

She reacted this past season to Ravenel getting his latest girlfriend pregnant.

“A while back, I found a positive pregnancy test at his house and he was like, ‘Wasn’t me, must have been someone else,’” Dennis said during a November 2020 episode.

“I had heard that he had been spotted at an OBGYN with a girl who was showing. It’s not a normal thing.”

Kathryn Dennis on Bravo
Photo via BRAVO

Ravenel eventually welcomed son Jonathan with now-fiancée Heather Mascoe in June 2020.

Dennis, meanwhile, is dating Chleb Ravenell.

It was revealed at the recent reunion special that Ravenell’s last name has an extra L to distinguish his family lineage from that of the Ravenels … because his family was once owned by Thomas’ ancestors as slaves.

We know, right?

It’s a very confusing mess.