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As much as we love some good Teen Mom gossip, it brings us no pleasure to report this news:

Kailyn Lowry is back together with Chris Lopez.

And no, this is not an early April Fool’s joke.

In Celebration of Lux

It’s anyone’s guess how long these two will last this time around.

But it seems pretty certain that the inevitable breakup will be an ugly one.

We’re sure these two are perfectly nice people individually (although many of you will probably offer dissenting opinions in the comments), but as a couple, they’re flat out disastrous.

Kailyn with Chris

While no official announcement has been made yet, Kail strongly hinted at the news during a recent Instagram Q&A.

Lowry introduced one question by saying that it would give her an opportunity to talk about an "important topic" that was "something she could relate to," 

The question was:

"Do you think it’s possible to move forward in a relationship after having all the problems being public?"

It’s a bit awkwardly-phrased, but we think the follower is asking Kail if two people can work out their problems after their dirty laundry has been aired, and the whole world has commented on their situation.

Lowry jumped on the opportunity to share her thoughts on this scenario, and it seems to be the sort of dilemma that she’s been thinking a lot about lately.

Kail on the Side

"I’m on reality TV and my personal stuff is on the internet and I have shared more than I probably should have in the past about my relationships," she responded.

"If you can move on through public problems and all of that – how do you explain it to other friends, relatives, the public?" Lowry then asked.

"I think it takes a lot of maturity and maybe some harsh lessons learned," one fan replied.

Chris Lopez in 2020

"OK – I could definitely agree with this," Kail responded.

"You have to be mature in order to give a failed relationship a second chance" doesn’t strike us as the most profound insight, but if it’s what Kail needed to hear at the time, then we’re glad she heard it.

Hell, we’re always happy to come across the rare positive interaction on social media!

Kail Talks About Chris

Anyway, fans were quick to jump to the conclusion that Kail and Chris were back together and interestingly — Kail didn’t correct them or deny it.

This could be a case in which her silence speaks volumes.

Weirdly, Kail’s semi-confession comes just days after Chris opened up about the former couple’s "ugly" custody battle during the most recent episode of his podcast.

Chris Lopez and Kids

"It’s to the point where it’s like, is this even about the kids anymore? It puts them [the kids] in a weird place, especially being so young. They don’t know what going on," he said.

"I felt like I was failing my kids I feel like having to go through this s–t like custody or court. I’m doing something wrong, like I’m letting my kids down cause this s–t getting ugly," Lopez added.

So did these two start bickering in court and then decide to indulge in a little make-up sex?

We don’t know, but whatever the case, it sounds like these two have certainly settled their differences!