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It’s only been about six weeks since Chelsea Houska welcomed her fourth child.

And even though Chelsea quit Teen Mom 2 last year, she’s still in the limelight thanks to her Instagram following.

So those millions of fans still want regular updates about Houska’s latest bundle of joy — and her post-pregnancy body.

Chelsea Houska and Newborn
Photo via Instagram

Yes, there are downsides to being famous, and one of them is that total strangers tend to take an interest in your physique.

For most of us, that sounds like a waking nightmare.

But for people who grew up on reality television, it’s just part of the job — and unfortunately, it continues even after you leave the show that made you famous.

Chelsea Houska, Husband, Daughter

Thankfully, Chelsea doesn’t seem to mind.

Just a few weeks after she gave birth to little Walker, Chelsea flaunted her postpartum body on Instagram.

In the month since, she’s been refreshingly candid about both the challenges of raising an infant and the difficulties of trying to regain one’s pre-pregnancy physique.

Photo via Instagram

Chelsea remains the most popular Teen Mom, and most of her interactions with fans are purely positive.

Still, it must give her a bit of an uneasy feeling to know that so many randos take an interest in every detail her life.

But if that’s the case, she certainly doesn’t show it.

Chelsea Houska postpartum

Earlier this week, Chelsea hosted one of her frequent Q&A sessions with her Instagram followers.

Where she finds the time for this sort of thing with four little ones running around is beyond us, but we give her major props for keeping the lines of communication open.

Anyway, one fan congratulated Houska on shedding the pregnancy pounds with apparent ease.

Chelsea and Cole in 2021
Photo via Instagram

Chelsea could’ve just quietly accepted the compliment and moved on, but instead, she decided to set the record straight.

“You lost almost all your baby weight!” wrote the excited fan.

“Oh so false!” Chelsea replied.

Chelsea Houska Baby

“Taking it easy right now but plan on starting @profile_sanford and working out in the next couple weeks."

Yes, not only did she display the humility for which she’s known, she also slipped in a plug for her favorite diet plan.

You see, unlike so many reality stars who walked away from their day jobs, Chelsea had a plan in place before she retired from television.

Chelsea Houska Says Goodbye
Photo via MTV

Her husband, Cole DeBoer, still has an actual, "regular person" job, and Chelsea continues to rake in the dough with sponsored content deals and other business partnerships.

When  Chelsea first revealed that she would be stepping away from the Teen Mom franchise, fans expressed concern for her financial situation.

How, they wondered, would she support four kids without the six-figure salaries that she and Cole had enjoyed for so long?

Chelsea Houska on Insta

But what those fans lost sight of is that Chelsea is no Farrah Abraham or Jenelle Evans.

For one, she quit the show — she didn’t get fired.

On top of that, Chelsea has been responsible with her money, and we’re she wouldn’t have quit without several other revenue streams in place.

In other words, don’t worry about baby Walker — she’ll be just fine.