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Chelsea Houska for all the wins, you guys.


Chelsea Houska for ALL the wins everywhere, now and forever.

cole and baby daughter

The former Teen Mom 2 star, who announced in November that she was leaving this franchise, gave birth to her fourth child on January 25.

It’s her third kid with adoring husband Cole and it’s a daughter named Walker June and Chelsea has been continually updating fans with new photos of the tiny human being.

She’s so very precious and we’re so very thankful for snapshots such as this one below.

We mean, come on now… we’re talking maximum cuteness, right?!?

Chelsea Houska's Daughter

Now, however, we’d like to shift your focus from this cute baby to this cute baby’s mother.

Houska has shared a new picture on her Instagram Stories page, taking this unique opportunity to keep things very real with her followers.

“Three weeks postpartum,” the 29-year old wrote as a caption, adding as a crucial message of support:

Trying to embrace and document the process. Our bodies are pretty fricken amazing.

Also. Everyone is different. DO NOT compare your postpartum body and journey to someone else’s.

Chelsea Houska postpartum

Yes, yes and even more YES.

Far too many celebrities out there give birth … and then feel a need to immediately talk in public about their need to shed those pregnancy pounds and get right back in shape and recapture that all-important bikini body.

We’re looking directlly at you when we write this, Kim Kardashian.

Not Houska, however.

Photo via Instagram

The mother of four appears well aware that all women are different, all lifestyles are different and all journies are different.

The only thing new female parents have in common is that they just created a home for nine months for an actual person and then pushed this actual person out in the world and… holy crap.

That’s amazing and miraculous and that is what ought to get the most attention after someone gives birth.

We could not agree more.

Photo via Instagram

And, also, you might as well joke about your huge milk-filled boobs on occasion.

Last month, the South Dakota native showed her post-baby body for the very first time.

“Five days postpartum,” she captioned a January Instagram selfie adding:

“Still rocking a tummy that looks a bit pregnant and some huge milk boobs. … Also, let’s keep it real real. The belly’s still chilling.”

Photo via Instagram

Houska is now a mom to Walker, four-year old Watson and two-year old Layne with her beloved husband.

She previously welcomed daughter Aubree, 11, with ex-boyfriend Cole Lind in 2009.

DeBoer, for his part, gushed over his wife and newborn late last month.

Photo via Instagram

“I never would have guessed I would be blessed and gifted four beautiful children. @chelseahouska thank you for this life and creating miracles. I love you," he shared.

"Not sure how this rugged good ole boy got as lucky as I did, but I truly couldn’t ask for anything more. Blessed with our new baby girl.

"She has a daddy who will love her with all his heart and then some.”

Chelsea Houska and Cole Kiss!

Have we mentioned recently how much we love this couple?

“I love this man SO much,” Houska captioned a throwback photo while celebrating Valentine’s Day on Sunday, February 14.

“Thank you for choosing me. Picture from last Valentine’s Day because today I look haggard, unshowered and in the same sweats I’ve been in all weekend.

"KISS YOU @coledeboer.”