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Big Ed Brown is still refusing to date women his own age under any realistic circumstances.

But he is, at least, getting back into the world of dating.

Viewers saw Ed stun Liz, his latest must-younger gal pal, by asking her out.

She said yes … and they had their first date. How did it go?

Big Ed Brown is Nervous to Date Again

90 Day: The Single Life continued over the weekend as Big Ed Brown got back into the saddle.

He had previously confessed to friends that he was once again thirsting after  a 20-something single mom.

This time, it was a 28-year-old woman named Liz, who is a manager at Ed’s favorite local restaurant.

Liz on a First Date

Just one year shy of being twice her age, Ed spent months building up horniness before asking her out.

The 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days villain admitted that he was "nervous" for their first date.

For their enchanted evening, they went to a (different) local restaurant for a casual dinner.

Big Ed Brown Speaks to the The Single Life Confessional Camera

“Liz is so amazing," Ed gushed to the camera without being specific.

He continued: "I like Liz. I want her to like me."

"And this is the first date that I’ve been on since the relationship with Rose and I ended,” Ed added.

“I’m so scared of getting my heart broken," Ed admitted.

"I don’t want to be in the friend zone," he added, using misogynist language.

Ed griped: "’cause once you’re in the friend zone, that’s it. You’re done.”

Big Ed Brown Drinks in His Robe

Liz showed up in a blue sundress and flipflops — actively choosing those because she didn’t want to tower over Ed in heels.

“I’m feeling a little bit of excitement and a little bit of nervousness," Liz confided to the cameras.

She explained her anxiety "because we’ve never actually had a one-on-one experience together."

Ed Brown for 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life

“I want to know more about Ed," Liz expressed to the camera.

She added that she felt "so I’m very happy that I stepped out of my like, comfort zone to come on this date.”

Liz isn’t shading Ed — she’s appearing on reality television alongside an infamous, widely memed man.

Big Ed Brown Cannot Listen to Any More Criticism

The conversation was … fairly boring.

Like, we are all burned with the knowledge that they both played clarinet in middle school.

They drank a little. They shared a pizza. They ate outdoors.

When Ed asked Liz for her honest first impression of him, months ago when they met, she took him at his word.

“I thought you were a woman cause I just saw, like, the hair down,” Liz confessed.

(That’s not even about Ed’s height — one could be, say, 17 inches taller than Ed and get "ma’am-ed" at with your back turned at work)

Big Ed Brown at the Tell All

Liz’s confession prompted Ed to show off his hair, which had been braided by his 81-year-old mother, Norma.

Ed is currently living with his mom, and Liz didn’t seem to mind — though she told him that she prefers his hair just combed back.

“From what I see, you’re very caring,” Liz observed.

Ed Brown Works Out

The conversation moved from praise of Liz’s work ethic to their respective pasts.

“It’s hard to talk about,” Liz expressed. “I actually have been married twice, divorced. I’m 28."

"I don’t want to be hurt again," she added. "I have like, huge trust issues, and I don’t ever talk about my second marriage.”

Big Ed Brown Offers a Nervous Apology

Ed is also divorced, but stated to the confessional that Liz’s history "worried" him.

He added that he was "curious" to learn more about what he termed her "baggage."

As always with Big Ed, he holds women to much higher standards than he holds himself.

Ed shared with Liz that he, too, has trust issues.

(Of course, his may stem in part from his own habit to lie whenever it’s convenient)

He opened up about his first marriage, at which point Liz asked if he could see himself settling down.

Big Ed

“Oh, absolutely. Yeah. I don’t want to be alone," Ed replied.

He did add that he isn’t in a "hurry" to settle down, however.

Things seemed to be going well, all things considered.

Big Ed Brown Photo

“I kind of care for him a little bit more than what I thought I did," Liz told the cameras.

"He’s very confident, very charismatic," she opined. "He’s very straightforward."

Liz admitted: "But my last relationship was a couple months ago, so I’m not sure where I stand."

Big Ed Brown Faces the Truth

Finally, Ed asked Liz if she would be open to a second date, noting that she could answer later via text.

(It sounds like he received very good advice on how to act gentlemanly)

He walked Liz to her Uber, opening the door for her as he told her goodbye.

Big Ed Brown Speaks at the Tell All

“Liz is so amazing. Oh my God,” Ed gushed to the camera.

He praised: “I’m so comfortable talking to her and she’s extremely beautiful."

"I haven’t felt this way since Rose," Ed stated. So … since the last pretty young women he dated.

Big Ed Brown Tries to Speak

"I didn’t go in for the kiss, but it was a good time," Ed appraised.

"I think I’ve made it pretty clear how I feel," he assessed.

"I can tell it’s gonna take some time for her to really open up," Ed concluded, "but I hope that there’s going to be a second date.”