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90 Day Fiance villain Big Ed Brown never seems to learn the big lessons.

He trashed his ex Rosemarie Vega and went right on dating 20-somethings as a 55-year-old.

But Ed and Rose recently had a virtual reunion thanks to Discovery Plus.

Has that, and his many blunders while dating, finally taught him anything?

Big Ed Brown Speaks on B90 Strikes Back

90 Day Bares All is a spinoff on Discovery Plus that offers content that viewers could never see or hear on TLC.

It also helps stars catch up with fans, with host Shaun Robinson, and even have dialogues with each other.

Big Ed Brown spoke to Entertainment Tonight about his mindset about Rose, dating, and more.

Big Ed revealed that he did "flirt with the idea" of trying to get back with Rose following their 90 Day Bares All conversation.

"She looked amazing," he raved creepily, speaking first and foremost about her looks.

"She’s modeling," Ed noted. "Her career has just taken off."

Big Ed Brown And Rosemarie

"She’s building a second story house," Ed noted. "I’m so proud of her, but I’m still gonna have to leave that open."

"Right now, Big Ed’s focus is on local love," he added, referring to herself in the third person, like a muppet.

"Rose will always have a place in my heart, and she’s my friend now," Ed claimed.

90 Day Fiance Before: Ed Hugs Rosemarie

"So, I don’t know," Ed said. "I don’t know what the future holds, but for now, Big Ed’s immediate theater is local love."

He also revealed that he is doing well on a mental and physical level.

Ed lost 21 pounds and is working on healthy eating … and has signed on to a whopping six dating websites.

Ed Brown Works Out

On the premiere of 90 Day: The Single Life, Ed made some alarming comments about not wanting to date women his own age.

As we reported, the 55-year-old was shown pursuing Liz, whom he believed to be 29 years of age.

Of course, she was still older than Rose, who is now 24. What a guy!

Ed Brown for 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life

"I don’t understand what it is about my outlook … as far as the type of women I like or go for," Ed said, like it’s a mystery.

"But," he admitted, "they’re usually within the 28-32 range."

Obviously, this isn’t unique to Ed. It’s normal to look at the hottest person in the room. It’s not normal to feel entitled to date them.

Big Ed Brown Photo

"I have about 12 friends who are all about that age, it’s very platonic," Ed insisted.

"It’s just the conversations that we have," he added, "and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I’m kind of just a big kid."

"I don’t really relate, unfortunately …" Ed rambled, seeming to say that he just doesn’t like talking to age-appropriate women.

Big Ed Brown is Emotionally Wounded

"I just haven’t met The One," Ed said.

"And I will never let age be a," he began, "like, if I met a beautiful 55-year-old, like, someone like J.Lo, like, I would date her in a second."

Nothing says that you’re open-minded and have realistic standards like grudgingly agreeing that you would hypothetically date Jennifer Lopez.

Ed Brown Speaks His Mind

"Everybody likes a nice flashy car that goes fast," Ed joked. "But no, they have to be pretty — I mean, obviously."

He continued: "But they also have to have a big heart, and they have to be kind, and they have to be positive."

Ed continued: "and secure about who they are ’cause Big Ed comes with some baggage."

Ed Brown Stares Out the Window

"I won’t go younger than 28 ever again," he vowed, as if making a courageous sacrifice.

"And probably 28-48 is my range," Ed announced.

Ed is 55 years old. The absolute oldest woman in that range would still be seven years his junior. The youngest, born when he was 27.

Ed followed that by trying to get sympathy from anyone reading the interview, saying that his divorce from years ago almost "killed" him.

Keep in mind that he cheated on her, so … where did I put that world’s smallest violin?

Ed also says that his 82-year-old mother now lives with him … which can get awkward with his dating life. Yeah, we can see that.