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For months, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans have been eager for a look at Yazan Abo Horira’s new girl.

Some are excited to see him moving on after Brittany Banks.

Others are worried that he might treat his new lady like he treated Brittany.

Now, fans and critics alike want to know: did Yazan already marry Lulu?

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Last year, Brittany Banks’ father revealed to fans that Yazan was not at all who some of his fans believe him to be.

Among many other things, his "heartbroken" act was just that — an act. He had already moved on.

It wasn’t long before fans learned a lot more.

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Yazan’s new girlfriend is known on social media as Lulu, and fans believe that she is the girl pictured here.

Lulu is a Muslim like Yazan and, like Brittany, she is American.

"I swear, I am happy now with my girlfriend, I forget everything," Yazan assured his fans on Instagram Live.

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Fans were instantly concerned that Yazan’s unbalanced and deceitful behavior from The Other Way Season 2 might be part of this relationship, too.

Those leery of Yazan and the way that he seemed to gleefully capitalize on the misogynistic attacks on Brittany didn’t wish that on Lulu, too.

Add to that the accusations that Yazan was cheating, stealing, and in some ways abusive towards Brittany, and seeing him move on was grim news for many.

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And then came Adam, everyone’s favorite translator, who spoke on 90 Day Bares All about what he had witnessed in Jordan.

He said that he asked Yazan what he loved about Brittany so much that he would make so many apparent sacrifices and take so many risks.

Yazan’s answer shocked him — instead of speaking about love, Yazan just began describing parts of Brittany’s body that he liked. Immature … and worse.

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Now, a rumor has been circulating on social media that after a couple of months of dating, Yazan and Lulu are married.

This might normally sound wild, but after seeing Yazan’s family’s ideas about relationships and engagements, it’s more than believable.

They wanted Yazan and Brittany to marry in the next few days … and that was their intention despite not even liking Brittany very much at all.

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"Are you able to post your wife?" one fan recently asked Yazan on social media.

The follower continued with a warm shoutout to Yazan: And congratulations on your marriage!”

Whether the congratulations was heartfelt or it was a clever trick to get him to speak, we don’t know. But if it was the latter, it worked.

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“I am not married," Yazan revealed.

"We love each other," he said of himself and Lulu.

"And," Yazan expressed, the two of them "want to get married soon."

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Married or not, Yazan has clearly moved on quickly.

Meanwhile, Brittany is appearing on 90 Day: The Single Life in order to continue her journey, but it looks like she is having a harder time rebounding after the messy split with Yazan.

We wish everyone involved the very best. Love is complicated enough even when it’s not on camera.