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Few 90 Day Fiance couples have had fans more frustrated than Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou.

That said, it’s hard to think of any couple that has lasted longer in the franchise — and beyond — without actually marrying.

2020 was a unique year for Nicole and Azan, as the COVID-19 pandemic had Nicole trapped in Morocco for months, but she did return home.

Time together can make or break a long distance couple. What’s the status of these two in 2021?

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Viewers first met Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou (real name Hassan M’Raouni) on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance.

Nicole was just 21 years old when she, a young single mom, first made the trip to see her "Arabian Prince" in Morocco.

But meeting up in person with the man she loves didn’t quite go as planned.

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First of all, Nicole had a bit of culture shock when she met up with Azan.

He told her that they couldn’t have any kind of PDA — a huge let-down for any long-distance couple.

Though Nicole later confirmed to fans that she and Azan had been vaguely "intimate," some viewers suspected that Azan was using culture as an excuse.

Nicole and Azan

The running theory among fans was almost instantly that Azan was scamming Nicole out of money.

(She did at one point claim that she sent Azan money but that Moroccan law did not allow him to pay her back … which is not true, though it’s unclear if Nicole was lying to fans or was lied to)

And Azan’s obvious hotness played into what viewers perceived as an imbalance in affection.

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Maybe it’s cultural differences. Maybe it’s a language barrier.

Or maybe Azan is just a big ol’ jerk.

Whatever the explanation, he said cruel and hurtful things about Nicole on camera … with her sitting right next to him.

Azan Tefou Tells Nicole Nafziger to Lose Weight, Or Else

The body-shaming was nothing short of disgusting, to be blunt.

Cultural differences aside, either you love someone and you want to be with them or you don’t.

You don’t claim to love someone and then demand that they change to fit your wishes. That’s not how love works.

Azan Tefou: I'm Only 55% Attracted to Nicole Nafziger

Some fans were furious with Nicole — some for "letting" Azan speak about her like that (as in, not breaking up with him).

Of course, our society being a nightmare, there were also body-shamers who seemed to feel that Nicole somehow … didn’t deserve love or happiness?

While it’s frustrating to see someone fall for what you believe to be a scam, the hate that Nicole received was over the top.

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Other fans were incensed when they watched Nicole take her young daughter, May, to meet Azan.

At the time, little May (who just turned 7, by the way!) was just a preschooler.

Viewers didn’t like May meeting a man they believed to be a scammer, and they especially resented Nicole’s suggestion that May call him "daddy."

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Then of course came "storegate," which absolutely no one is calling it.

At one time, Nicole claimed to her family that she sent Azan $6,000 so that he could open a shop in Morocco and make money.

She later confessed to the cameras that this was a lie that she told her family to get them off her back about Azan’s, ahem, lack of work ethic.

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Nicole endured humiliation on what would turn out to be her (so far) final season in the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

After excuse after excuse prevented them from getting married in Morocco just yet and after Azan was mysteriously denied a K-1 visa, they were going to meet up in Grenada.

Their romantic getaway fell through the day before, as Azan called Nicole about an alleged "family emergency" that has never been explained. We can only guess how much money she lost on that.

Nicole and Azan on 90 Day Fiance

But in 2020, that was all supposed to change.

Nicole had it all planned out and built up hype for her trip for weeks and weeks.

She was headed to Morocco to visit Azan on a two-week vacation. Her timing? March of 2020.

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Nicole flew out to see Azan around, well, the last time in 2020 that most Americans were still eating at sit-down restaurants.

For those first few days, it was the stuff of dreams.

They enjoyed the sights and joys of Morocco and each other’s company, providing fans with the first new photos of them in years.

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Then, halfway through Nicole’s trip, the entire world shut down.

COVID-19 grounded airlines, closed restaurants and borders. Nicole was trapped.

She would remain in Morocco, posting very little to social media, for another five months.

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May was just fine — living with her grandmother, Robbalee, who treasured the time with her daughter.

Nicole was repeatedly mom-shamed during that time by trolls who accused her of "abandoning" her 6-year-old.

Obviously, Nicole did nothing of the sort. May was with her grandmother, and Nicole was stuck. Theirs was not the only family separated during this time.

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Nicole returned home, and made it clear that she was still going strong with Azan.

"Engaged to H" was a fixture of her Instagram profile for months after that.

Until, very suddenly, at the beginning of 2021, that vanished from Nicole’s bio entirely.

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Fans believe that Nicole and Azan are no longer engaged.

The only other explanation is that Nicole is suddenly, after years of this long-distance relationship and multiple seasons on reality TV, keeping it a secret.

That’s always possible — she could just be tired of people getting all up in her business about her engagement. But it appears that they are thoroughly broken up.