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January of 2021 came with a tremendous number of changes, many of them positive.

One such change was Nicole Nafziger ending her engagement to Azan Tefou after years of long distance romance.

This news came as a shock to 90 Day Fiance fans who thought that, frankly, she’d never end things.

But now, critics have another bone to pick with Nicole — and are accusing her of being a snakeoil salesman.

Nicole Nafziger with a Cup of Coffee

When Nicole stopped listing "engaged to H" on her bio, fans knew that she was making a big change.

(H stood for Hassan M’Raouni, Azan’s real name — like some other 90 Day Fiance stars, he used a stage name for the show)

At that time, Nicole mentioned that she was transitioning into Twitch streaming, hoping to launch a new career for herself.

Nicole Nafziger in a Moroccan Dress with Azan Tefou

Full time Twitch streamers, who livestream their video games to viewers, can do more than just pay the bills — it can be powerfully lucrative.

For many, this is nothing more than a pipe dream. In that way, it is similar to OnlyFans, because both require an audience to be profitable.

People who are already famous, however, often find that they have a head start with these online ventures because they already have fans and supporters.

Nicole Nafziger in Starbucks Visor

But though Nicole’s earliest videos have already caught the attention of thousands of followers, she’s a single mom and of course won’t put all of her eggs in one basket.

As she did when she was at Starbucks, Nicole is also monetizing her impressive Instagram presence — and well over 600k followers.

Which leads us to why Nicole’s critics are so unhappy with her at the moment.

"Huge fan of this @flattummyco tea cleanse…" Nicole captioned this photo, which she dutifully labeled as an "#ad" per FCC regulations.

"Not just for the results," she wrote, "but for how good it makes me and my tummy feel!"

Nicole praised the product for the alleged "Extra energy and a lil confidence boost to go with it."

Nicole Nafziger Cute Selfie

The first round of critical comments were nothing sort of cruel.

Commenter after commenter taunted Nicole with demands about when they would be seeing these results.

In other words, they were saying that they were not observing any weight loss from her, and wanted to rub that in her face.

Nicole Nafziger With the Fun Hair

But the second round of comments had nothing to do with Nicole’s body.

Instead, they targeted the product itself, and Nicole’s willingness to advertise it.

They essentially called Nicole a fraudster for promoting a controversial weight loss tea.

Nicole Nafziger Stuns in Cobalt

"Fit teas" in general work primarily by giving drinkers an energy boost from caffeine and by working as a laxative.

Laxatives have been used and abuse for weight loss by people who have disordered eating habits for many decades.

Long-term use of laxatives is believed to cause health problems. The body is simply not meant to have what we ingest do a speedrun of our intestines.

Nicole Nafziger in Huge Sunglasses

Selling these products on Instagram preys upon body-shaming elements of our culture, and people who are desperate for a weight loss solution are the most likely to buy.

However … other fans noted in the comments that Nicole is hardly a Kardashian. Unlike a Real Housewife or a major star, Nicole can’t afford to turn down this kind of gig.

Meanwhile, other fans just want answers on how things ended with Azan.