Meghan Markle vs. Royal Family Feud Heats Up; Fans Wonder If It Will Ever End

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Here's something that might come as a surprise to our readers in the UK:

Here in America, Meghan Markle is very highly regarded.

In fact, conversations and media coverage about the Duchess of Sussex are virtually always complimentary.

But sadly, that's not the case overseas.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: A Portrait

No, for reasons that remain somewhat mysterious to those of us who long ago cut ties with autocratic figureheads (just kidding, Brits!) Meghan is an extremely divisive figure in the country that bestowed her royal titles upon her.

Granted, that's partially due to the fact that Meghan didn't remain in London for very long.

But the hatred didn't begin when the Sussexes moved to Los Angeles.

Prince Harry and His Wife

In fact, the reason for their well-publicized exodus was the amount of hate they were receiving in jolly old England.

Fans of Meghan's -- and those who find petty feuds among grown-ass adults rather tiresome, especially when some of those adults were supposedly chosen by God to lead a nation -- hoped that with a few thousand miles of distance between them, the two factions would be able to set aside their differences.

Needless to say, that has not been the case.

Dueling Duchesses

In fact, the long-simmering tensionĀ  between Meghan and the Royals appears to have boiled over in recent weeks.

The latest round of conflicts began with reports that the Royals were upset by news that Harry and Meghan had signed a deal with Netflix.

The streaming giant is home to the acclaimed but controversial series The Crown, which has long been criticized by royalists for its less-than-flattering portrayal of the Windsor clan.

queen vs. royals

Harry and Meghan were reportedly cautioned that their $100 million deal would be construed by some as an endorsement of the series, but they went ahead and signed on the dotted line anyway.

And that contract isn't even the most controversial document to stir up hostilites between the two sides in recent months.

Sussex supporters were shocked when they learned last month that little Archie's birth certificate has been altered and no longer includes Meghan's name.

Meghan Markle and Prince William

Archie's mother is now listed only as "Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex."

The change was interpreted by outsiders as an act of aggression from the Queen, and recent comments from Team Meghan seem to have confirmed that suspicion.

"The change of name on public documents in 2019 was dictated by the palace, as confirmed by documents from senior palace officials," read a statement issued by Meghan's reps.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on a Bench

"This was not requested by Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex nor by the Duke of Sussex."

Obviously, Meghan is not on the greatest terms with her in-laws these days, and believe it or not, the situation might soon get worse

As we stated previously, 2021 could be Meghan and Harry's hardest year yet.

In March, they'll return to England (or at least Harry will) for the one-year review of the "Megxit" deal they reached with the Queen and company before they returned to the US.

Meghan and Harry will seek to keep the current arrangement in place, and Harry is hoping he'll be allowed to retain his military titles.

But with how tense the situation has been in recent months, it's entirely possible that the meetings will turn hostile, and Meghan might wind up leaving London with an even worse opinion of her in-laws.

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