Mackenzie Standifer Shows Off MAJOR Weight Loss, Sparks Concern Among Fans

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As we've discussed several times in recent weeks, Ryan Edwards is a strong contender for the worst baby daddy in the history of the Teen Mom franchise.

(Or the franchise of humanity, if we're being honest.)

We know that's saying a lot, as these are the shows that gave us Adam Lind and David Eason, but Edwards' years of foolishness really speak for themselves.

Ryan Edwards With His Family

Think about not only Ryan's drug use, but his abusive tendencies, and seemingly endless brushes with the law.

Think about how this has traumatized just about everyone in his life, especially his 12-year-old son Bentley.

It's not a pleasant thought experiment, we know.

Ryan, Bentley

Bentley is old enough to understand what a trainwreck his father is, but still too young to fully process it or to make sense of the fact that he's in no way to blame for his father's idiocy.

Thankfully, some of the adults in his life have taken steps toward minimizing the damage.

Ryan is no longer allowed to see Bentley, but unfortunately Edwards, has not taken this is a sign of what a colossal f--k up he is.

Maci Bookout Hugs Bentley

It appears that he has no intention of changing his ways, which is almost certainly a result of the fact that he's surrounded by enablers.

Ryan's parents, Jen and Larry Edwards (below), are probably the worst offenders in this regard. In their case, love truly is blind, or blinding.

You may remember the recent scene in which they informed Bentley that they'll always take Ryan's side, regardless of how atrocious his behavior is.

Larry Edwards in 2021

But the adult who's most responsible for Ryan's douchiness - aside from Ryan himself, of course - is likely his wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

To be fair, it's all relative. Mackenzie's not necessarily a bad person. And she's not as terrible as, say, Jenelle Evans (is anyone?).

At the same time, it's not hard to see why she tends to take a lot of flak in the comments on her social media posts.

Mackenzie Posts a Selfie

After all, this is a woman who's famous, for what it's worth, solely for he suppport of one the biggest a-holes on reality television.

That said, there are appropriate reasons to make fun of Mackenzie, and inappropriate reasons.

And sadly, this is a story about people roasting her for one of the inappropriate reasons.

Mackenzie Standifer in 2021

Mackenzie is an avid fitness enthusiast, and she frequently posts workout pics on her Instagram page

She shared the photo above this week, along with a caption reading:

"Even when you have a million reasons not to… show up."

"Show up for you."

Mackenzie Standifer Working Out

She also revealed that she listens to Ciara while working out, which seems crazy to us, as we can't believe that she puts on anything other than "Return of the Mack" when she's looking to get hyped up.

Anyway, fans on Instagram and Reddit have been having a field day with Mackenzie's pics, and it's gotten ugly on those platforms.

They feel that she's lost an excessive amount of weight in recent weeks.

Mackenzie Posts a Selfie

Some have even gone so far as to suggest that Standifer is "using Ryan's drugs" to slim down, which is just wrong.

And makes no sense. But more importantly is just terrible. That's a revolting thing to say for a number of reasons.

We don't want to lecture anyone, but come on. There are lines you shouldn't cross, even with public figures.

Mackenzie Standifer Models

it's worth pointing out that when you mock Mackenzie's body on Reddit, she won't see it, but on Instagram? She might.

Either way, someone with a similar physique using either of those social media outlets almost certainly will see it.

Also, is it just us, or does she look totally normal here? What is there to even point out? It's a woman working out.

Ryan and Mackenzie Date Night

In any case, let's all agree to disagree - and come together to stick to less offensive topics during our online roast sessions.

Like Ryan's horrendous parenting, for example.

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