Kathryn Dennis: I'm White! I'm Privileged! I'm Trying to Learn, Okay?

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Kathryn Dennis knows she has a lot to learn.

But here is what the Southern Charm star wants you to know:

She's trying. She may have a lot way to go, but she's trying, alright?

Kathryn Dennis Charms

Let's flashback to last summer, shall we?

At the time, Dennis got into a heated exchange on Instagram with a Bllack radio host and activist over a boat parade in support of Donald Trump's reelection in Charleston, South Carolina

She proceeded to use a monkey emoji in the argument and also to refer to the activist on the other end of the disagreement as someone with a "minority platform."

YIKES, right?

dennis exchange

It was an awful look, it was awful behavior on Dennis' part and it didn't help when she played ignorant on air after being called out for her white privilege.

All this time later?

Dennis tells Entertainment Tonight that she knows she messed up.

She just wants a fresh start.

morre dennis

"I think it would be really cool to see someone who did have to realize that they very much had white privilege and then turn that into the other side," the 29-year-old told this outlet last week over the phone.

"Once you realize that, what do you do with it? That's where I'm at, and I'm working on it."

Is Dennis trying to wiggle free of responsibiltiy?

No, she insists.

Kathryn Dennis Goes Blonde for the Reunion

"This is not me saying what I did was OK, or any of that," Dennis added to ET.

"It's just acknowledging I made a mistake and, yeah, I didn't really have to grow up thinking about these types of things or having difficult conversations like this.

"I know that speaks to my privilege, but that's why I say this was a wakeup call for me."

What does Dennis plan to do with this supposed wakeup call?

Kathryn Dennis1

She didn't really specify.

On last Thursday's Southern Charm reunion -- which featured a great deal of fireworks centered around Madison LeCroy -- Dennis told Andy Cohen:

"Things are bigger than you and sometimes you just have to accept the humility that you have to learn."

Dennis has not yet confirmed whether she'll return for Season 8 of the reality show -- but it hasn't officially been picked up for Season 8 yet, either.

k dennis

Kathryn, of course, is dating Chleb Ravenell, who is African-American.

She says he has been vital in her understanding of the world beyond her privileged bubble, as the couple started hanging out before her scandal, but became "official" after the controversy exploded.

"Being around Chleb and his friends and his family that are, honestly, mostly Black, I've learned the way they do things and move [in the world], and the conversations they have amongst each other, and the struggle," she told ET.

"There's really no class you can take about this matter, you know? Just experience."

Kathryn Dennis Smiles with Chleb Ravenell

Does Dennis has a concluding message?

Something she wants fans and critics alike to take to heart as she reckons with how she acted last year?

"I'd like people to know that I'm truly sorry for what happened," she says.

"I'm obviously very ashamed of what happened and what went down. I know better. I know better, now I do."

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