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For years, Alaskan Bush People fans have known that family patriarch Billy Brown suffered from reported medical issues.

The 68-year-old father, grandfather, and reality television star had, after all, lived an eventful but at times hard life.

That takes its toll.

Billy Brown of Alaskan Bush Peopl

On Monday, February 8, his children shared the heartbreaking news that they (and fans) had been dreading with the world.

Billy Brown has passed away.

His son Bear Brown was the first to share the grim, if not entirely surprising, news on his Instagram account.

Alaskan Bush People, Family Photo
Photo via Discovery Channel

"We are heartbroken to announce that our beloved patriarch Billy Brown passed away last night," he wrote.

Bear shared that his father passed away "after suffering from a seizure."

"He was our best friend," Bear affirmed of his father.

Billy Brown in Season 8
Photo via Discovery Channel

He went on to describe Billy as "a wonderful and loving dad, granddad, and husband."

"And," Bear announced, "he will be dearly missed."

"He lived his life on his terms," Bear acknowledged of his late father.

He continued by writing that Billy lived both "off the grid and off the land."

Photo via Discovery Channel

We do not at all mean to distract from this moving tribute, but Bear just made a very good almost-zeugma with that line.

"And," Bear wrote in reflection, BIlly "taught us to live like that as well."

"We plan to honor his legacy going forward," he affirmed.

"And," Bear wrote, "to continue with his dream."

"We ask for privacy and prayers during this painful time!" Bear expressed to his followers.

In conclusion, he wrote: "God bless everyone!!!"

We can only imagine how painful and difficult that was for Bear to write out, just hours after his father passed away.

Billy Brown and Ami Brown
Photo via Discovery

Rain Brown, the 18-year-old youngest daughter of Billy who was once the family’s de-facto spokesperson, took to Instagram an hour later with her own tribute.

"I lost a true friend," Rain lamented of her father’s passing.

"Not forever," she added, "but only in this world."

Billy Brown Pic
Photo via Discovery

"Please hold my family in your thoughts and prayers," Rain requested of her many fans and followers.

The youngster added that, along with her siblings, she asks for prayers for "especially my mother."

"Please," Rain implored her numerous followers, "hold your family tight for me."

Billy Brown and Ami Brown
Photo via Discovery

"Words cannot express how wonderful he was and is," Rain praised her dearly departed father.

"But I will say," she expressed, "the closest thing to an angel I’ve ever known."

"God bless you da," Rain wrote.

Addressing her late father, Rain added: "I love and miss you dearly."

"You will always be my hero," she affirmed, once again.

Rain then concluded her post: "God bless everyone."

Rain Brown, Ami Brown, Billy Brown at Christmas 2017
Photo via Discovery Channel

Alaskan Bush People is a long-running, successful reality series that has endured more than its fare share of struggles before.

There was a time, just a few years ago, when fans and family alike suspected that Ami Brown might pass during her battle with lung cancer.

Ami survived, making an impressive recovery, and the family moved on … but some things changed.

Ami Brown & Billy Brown, ABP Christmas 2017
Photo via Discovery Channel

The Brown family reaped the rewards of their years of reality television stardom, purchasing (yes) a Beverly Hills mansion just a short drive to the hospital where Ami needed medical treatment.

But that is not where they live throughout the year.

Even so, they did not return to Alaska.

Billy Brown in Season 8
Photo via Discovery Channel

Instead, the famous family put down roots in the lower 48 in rural Washington, purchasing hundreds of acres of property.

Some said this made their show (and persona) a bit of a misnomer, but they remain authentic through and through.

Our thoughts are with the Brown family as they mourn a beloved husband, father, and grandfather.