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We have been excited for Season 7 of Southern Charm despite the casting shakeup and other drama of this year.

Now, the hit Bravo series has released a trailer and announced the premiere date. And it looks like Kathryn is in for a rude awakening.

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Leva Bonaparte is not the only newcomer to the cast, but she is the most anticipated new Southern Charm star … and a breath of fresh air.

As a woman of color, Leva hopes to promote progress and diversity in Charleston, where she and her husband have been very successful.

She is in an interracial marriage and she wants her son, who is both Black and Persian, to inherit a better world than the one that we inhabit.

Photo via Bravo

Which makes her the perfect person to, as we can see in this trailer, call out Kathryn Dennis’ ignorance.

She explains to Kathryn that she has lived her life within the "bubble" of white privilege.

Keep in mind that white privilege is not an accusation, just a part of life to be acknowledged. Recognizing where you have advantages over others helps you to perceive their hardships.

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Earlier this year, Kathryn was embroiled in a racism scandal after sending taunting messages and multiple monkey emojis to a Black woman who had criticized a local Trump boat parade.

We see Leva speak to Kathryn about this over video chat — clearly during the COVID-19 pandemic — as Kathryn protests that her intentions weren’t racist.

That isn’t the end of it, either, because Kathryn Calhoun Dennis’ infamous ancestor made the news from beyond the grave.

There are countless monuments glorifying slavery spread throughout the US — including in states that never had slavery and were never part of the Confederacy. Racism has a long reach.

Charleston, a city entrenched in the history of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, has a monument to proud slave owner Vice President John C. Calhoun. Well, had a monument.

Like many cities over the summer, the local government came to its senses and resolved to remove a monument that exists to glorify evil and intimidate Americans of color. He just so happens to be Kathryn’s ancestor.

Kathryn Dennis is Off the Wagon

That is not all that is going on in the land of Kathryn.

Speaking to the camera, she openly mocks those who are concerned about her going back to drinking.

It is clear that Kathryn’s character development arc that we saw when she faced off with Ashley Jacobs is now a thing of the past.

Speaking of Kathryn’s past, we see her silently tell Madison LeCroy at a party some news.

Remember disgraced former Southern Charm star and accused rapist Thomas Ravenel? Over the summer, he had a new child with a random ex.

This isn’t just gossip for Kathryn. This means that both of her children have a half-sibling.

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Speaking of Madison, her role on the show is stepping up — in part to attempt to fill the void left by Naomie, Cameran, and Chelsea.

The three of them rage-quit the series earlier this year, and the result is basically a lot more airtime for Madison, who was once merely Austen’s on-again, off-again girlfriend.

She’s still very much that, but she gets to have more airtime outside of Austen … and outside of Shep Rose’s house, apparently.

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Shep Rose reveals, during an obvious pandemic conversation, that someone unnamed as tested positive for COVID-19.

That is alarming news, as this virus can not only kill, but leave lifelong health problems in those who survive.

Whatever we may think of some of the antics of these stars, we would not wish this on even the most dramatic of reality stars.

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Madison also appears to feud with Kathryn, at one point facing off on her own porch and sending Kathryn packing.

But she also has some interpersonal drama.

It appears from the trailer that Madison and Austen take yet another "break" … and that Madison finds a new potential interest.

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Joining the show is a man named John Pringle, one of the fakest sounding names that we’ve ever heard, but whatever.

Shep Rose’s old fraternity buddy is, as you may have guessed from his intense Single DILF vibes, a dad.

And while he grapples with spending time away from his sons (who are in Los Angeles) to be in Charleston, Madison catches his eye.

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At this point, Craig Calhoun has to confront John over whether or not he’s going to pursue Madison.

John realizes that he may have to, for Bro Code reasons, choose between friendship with Austen or a relationship with Madison.

His ruling? "TBD." Meanwhile, it sounds like Patricia Altschul thinks that John should pop open that bubbling can of LeCroy and chug it down.

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Over all, it looks like there’s a lot of mess coupled with some vital and much needed social messaging and educational content.

This show has come a long way since the days of showing Thomas’ trashpile of a father disparage Abraham Lincoln for the Emancipation Proclamation.

Season 7 premieres on Thursday, October 29.