Kailyn Lowry Claps Back at Troll: I Do Too Have Morals! You Don't Know Me!

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It has been months since Kailyn Lowry publicly accused Javi of trying to bone her again.

His life completely exploded, and he's not the only ex of hers that fans say she railroaded.

Now, one troll has accused her of having no "morals" whatsoever.

Kail is clapping back.

Kailyn Lowry in Glasses

There is a lot to be said about Kailyn Lowry. Seriously, we would know.

And fans can and will say it, as one Instagram user just demonstrated.

But be careful when making public comments on social media -- you never know who might see them.

Kail on the Side

"She's pretty," a commenter began, "but I hate her morals."

The social media user continued by writing: "No respect to other's feelings but herself."

Kailyn saw the comment ... and did not allow it to go unanswered.

Kailyn Lowry Instagram Image

"You don't know me or my morals," Kail reminded the commenter.

"You see a fraction of my life," she noted, referring to her reality TV career.

Kailyn added that that even what little of her life is filmed is then "edited down to four minutes per week."

Kailyn Lowry IG clapback "morals" february 2021

It seems likely that the accusation about Kailyn not respecting other people's feelings was about Javi's ex.

Recently, fans believe that Kail and Javi have been spending a lot of time together, even if they were just doing so as co-parents.

That cannot feel good to Lauren Comeau, fans speculate.

Kailyn Lowry Arm Tattoo

Technically, this person did not say that Kail doesn't have any morals, though most fans have interpreted things that way.

There is a nuanced difference between that and "hate her morals," though we may be splitting hairs when it comes to what the critic intended to say.

Kailyn, like most people, has moral beliefs -- they just might not line up with someone else's. That's how the world works, for better or for worse.

Kailyn Lowry and a Selfie

We'll say this, though -- that commenter was absolutely right about one thing.

Kailyn is absolutely pretty, as the commenter's otherwise scathing assessment acknowledged.

She's a gorgeous woman, and the photographic evidence for that is staggering.

Kailyn Lowry, Burgundy Bikini

Some people have given Kailyn a hard time for having children with multiple baby daddies, perhaps forgetting that this happens ... all of the time.

After all, half-siblings exist. Relationships begin and end, and having children doesn't change that.

That doesn't mean that Kailyn doesn't make questionable choices, but ... if all of her choices were good, she wouldn't be a Teen Mom star. Obviously.

Kailyn Lowry Naked in Bed

We don't say that to be mean, but again, that's the whole premise of the franchise: people who made at least one major mistake early in life.

Part of the journey that makes all of this so captivating is that some of the moms have made tremendous strides since their 16 And Pregnant days.

Some grow into Chelsea Houska. Some twist into Farrah Abraham or Amber Portwood, Kailyn is, like most people, somewhere in between.

Kailyn Lowry Gets Naked

Kail has been very successful, but she continues to be plagued by bad taste in men. That's not an indictment of her, that's just a trait of hers.

She has also alarmed fans with anti-vaxx nonsense, making many fear for her youngest sons and anyone they might come into contact with in the future.

Hanging out with Javi may not be the most sensitive thing in the world, but he's her kid's dad -- it's hard to say that she's doing something wrong in this instance.

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