Joe Giudice Goes Instagram Official with Girlfriend Daniela Fittipaldi: Happy Valentine's Day!

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Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice has been flaunting his gorgeous girlfriend for all to see.

That's okay with Teresa, who says that everyone loves her new man. They've even bought a house together.

Now, Joe has taken things to the next level with his lady love, Daniela Fittipaldi.

For Valentine's Day, they went Instagram official. Yes, that is a big deal.

Joe Giudice IG Story new girlfriend

"Thank you for accepting me and not trying to change me," Joe Giudice gushed in the heartwarming post to his loved one.

"Thank you for seeing the best in me," he wrote to Daniela.

Very touching, especially after everything he's endured.

"I love the way your eyes light up when [we are] together."

Daniela Fittipaldi on Joe Giudice Valentine's Day 2021 post

"I love hearing about what matters to you," Joe continued in his V-Day tribute.

"I am thankful for you and your family," he added, saving the best part for last:

"And most of All I love the way YOU [black heart emoji] MY KIDS," Joe raved.

Joe Giudice Valentine's Day IG post 2021

"My life is so much better because you are here with me," the father of four daughters expressed.

Joe then tagged Daniela -- thus why this signifiies being Instagram Official: "@danielafitty."

He concluded his post: "Happy Valentine Day amore #happyvalentinesday #amore #thankful"

Joe Giudice IG I didn't attack; I defend my family

Even Teresa liked the post, writing red heart emojis in the comments.

Joe was recently asked by a fan why he "attacked" sister-in-law and former co-star Melissa Gorga, referring to when he accused her of fake celebrity gossip storylines and more to stay famous.

"I didn't attack," Joe replied. "I defend my family!"

Teresa Giudice Insta Photo

Speaking of storylines, and family: Teresa has her own new man, Luis Ruelas. As we reported, she recently spoke about their romance.

"I know my mom and dad sent my boyfriend to me," Teresa said, suggesting that her late parents arranged this match from beyond the grave.

"They did, you now," she insisted, "because my dad left me and he's like 'you can't stay alone' so I know he sent him to me."

Luis Ruelas and Teresa

"Him and my mom, they really did," Teresa reiterated.

"I swear," she explained, "I asked them to send me an amazing person and then I met him a few weeks later on the same street."

"I was walking by at the Jersey Shore," Teresa recalled, "and he was packing up his car to go back home."

Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas Pic

"Everything's really good," Teresa gushed about the romance. "I'm so happy."

"He's amazing, he's beautiful inside and out," she praised. "He's really special."

Teresa says that Gia, Milania, Gabriella, and Audriana have met and approval of Luis.

Teresa Giudice in Summer

"They like him, they think he's great also, which I'm glad," Teresa declared. "And Joe's happy for me, I'm happy for Joe."

According to Tre: "Right now he's living in the Bahamas so everything's good. We're all a happy family, which I'm glad."

Co-parenting and chatting with your ex is one thing, but she admits that talking with Joe about their respective dating lives is kind of awkward.

Louis Ruelas Kisses Teresa

"We didn't share until we needed to, you know?" Teresa reasoned.

"So the girls went to Italy and met his girlfriend," she acknowledged.

Tre added: "Gia and Milania went and met his girlfriend."

Teresa Giudice on a Set

"And then when I met Luis," Teresa went on to say, "I didn't tell them right away."

"But when it was the right time," she quickly added, "I told them and it was all good."

"And," Tre noted with a positive tone, "he was happy for me and I'm happy for him."

Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice

When it comes to marrying one day, Teresa admitted, candidly: "I don't know." She admitted:

"I hate answering questions for the future because I remember doing that when the show first started and then look what happened."

"So I just like to talk about the future," Teresa continued. "I'm all about whatever is meant to be is meant to be."

Teresa Giudice: A Close-Up

As The Hollywood Gossip also told you, Teresa and Luis are already moving (fast) forward with their plans for the future.

These plans began, as we reported earlier today, with the purchase of a $3,350,000 mansion in Montville, New Jersey.

It's unclear if they plan to live there or flip it for resale, but sources say that they haven't moved in yet, if they will at all.

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