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Teresa Giudice has herself a brand new boyfriend, and things are said to be moving quickly.

Joe has a new girlfriend, too, and he wants the world to know how hot she is.

Joe Giudice on the Water
Photo via Instagram

Over the weekend, Joe Giudice used his Instagram account to flaunt a very special woman in his life.

He shared a selfie of his as yet unidentified girlfriend with the world.

We may not know much more about her than her profession — she is an attorney — but she is clearly a beautiful woman.

In addition to the close-up of her face, Joe clearly had more to show off.

The next day, Joe shared an eye-catching glimpse of a bikinic-clad woman believed to be the same girlfriend.

She gazes off into the gorgeous blue ocean water. Meanwhile, the camera focuses on her and her dark bikini top with lacy fringe.

That same weekend, Joe also shared a message with his fans and followers … one that sounded fairly vague, but overall positive.

“And suddenly you know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of the beginnings,” the message reads.

Though Joe did not write the words himself, merely sharing the image, it seems clear that he is feeling more and more serious about his new lady love.

Just weeks ago, Joe offered fans another look at his life, sharing a video in which his 15-year-old daughter, Milania, danced with a mystery woman.

Milania was visiting Joe in Italy — the only way that the girls can see their father in person these days.

It seems apparent that these "mystery women" are one and the same: his new girlfriend.

Joe Giudice With No Shirt
Photo via Instagram

Given that both Gia and Milania were introduced to this woman, it seems that things are serious.

Generally, even parents who divorce under normal circumstances are hesitant to formally introduce a significant other to their kids.

This is a big step. Of course, so is showing her face on social media.

Joe Giudice Mocks the Lockdown

This relationship isn’t brand new, of course, as Joe went public with it — sort of — as far back as October.

Speaking to the titular star of The Wendy Williams Show at the time, Joe shared: "I’m actually seeing a lawyer."

“She’s helping me out a lot out here," Joe said. "You know what I mean?”

Joe Giudice Wears a Facemask
Photo via Instagram

Now, at that time, Joe characterized the relationship as being fairly new.

He even shared that the two of them were not presently living with one another — another huge step to take.

Joe detailed that the areas in which this woman was assisting him (in her legal capacities, that is) were with business deals and other projects.

Joe Giudice in Shades
Photo via Instagram

“It’s good because I got a lot of things going on out here," Joe announced, "and she’s putting a lot of deals together for me."

Meanwhile, Teresa has also moved on very publicly, so it seems very fair and appropriate that Joe not only find new love, but make the news public as he is a public figure.

This woman certainly looks beautiful. We are admittedly curious as to what her name may be.