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Things are looking serious for Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas.

With the new season of RHONJ set to start, everyone is giving interviews … and of course, Tre’s love life comes up.

Teresa is obviously over the moon, and thanking her dearly departed parents, whom she credits with doing the matchmaking from beyond the grave.

But how do her daughters feel? Her castmates? For that matter … how does Joe feel about all of this?

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Teresa herself spoke with E! News in order to gush over her romance with Luis.

"I know my mom and dad sent my boyfriend to me," she stated with confidence.

"They did, you now," she asserted, "because my dad left me and he’s like ‘you can’t stay alone’ so I know he sent him to me."

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"Him and my mom, they really did," Teresa emphasized.

"I swear," she recalled, "I asked them to send me an amazing person and then I met him a few weeks later on the same street."

Teresa explained how this meeting was predestined: "I was walking by at the Jersey Shore and he was packing up his car to go back home."

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"Everything’s really good," Teresa raved. "I’m so happy."

She then praised: "He’s amazing, he’s beautiful inside and out. He’s really special."

Clearly, she’s head over heels. But how do her four daughters feel?

Teresa Giudice on a Set

Teresa says that Gia, Milania, Gabriella, and Audriana have met and approval of Luis.

"They like him, they think he’s great also, which I’m glad," Teresa announced. "And Joe’s happy for me, I’m happy for Joe."

She detailed: "Right now he’s living in the Bahamas so everything’s good. We’re all a happy family, which I’m glad."

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Co-parenting and chatting with your ex is one thing, but she admits that talking with Joe about their respective dating lives is kind of awkward.

"We didn’t share until we needed to, you know?" she characterized.

"So the girls went to Italy and met his girlfriend," Teresa recalled.

"Gia and Milania went and met his girlfriend."

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"And then when I met Luis," Teresa continued, "I didn’t tell them right away."

"But when it was the right time," she noted, "I told them and it was all good."

"And," Teresa shared, "he was happy for me and I’m happy for him."

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When it comes to marrying one day, Teresa admitted: "I don’t know."

"have no idea. I have no idea what’s going to happen."

She explained: "I hate answering questions for the future because I remember doing that when the show first started and then look what happened."

"So I just like to talk about the future," Teresa expressed. "I’m all about whatever is meant to be is meant to be."

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Meanwhile, Melissa Gorga spoke to Page Six about her sister-in-law’s new man.

“He seems like a nice guy,” Melissa opined. “I mean, it’s the beginning."

She sagely commented: "You always want to be careful with new people coming in; you never know. But he does seem like a nice guy.”

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Melissa added that she wants Teresa to have the best things in life after "a long time of just misery for her."

“I really want her and the girls to be happy," she emphasized.

“So ultimately," Melissa expressed, "if she’s happy, we’re happy.”

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That said, Melissa also laughed over how Teresa had behaved while single – all on camera for Season 11.

“When you see single Teresa, like, wanting to suck on anything you bring near her – a banana – the woman is just … everything is sexy to her,” Melissa teased.

“She’s going through it where I’m like, ‘Okay, this one needs a man!’” she added.

“She’s in that mode of flirtatious where she wants to flirt with everybody who walks past her. Everything is a sex joke."

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Now that Teresa has a man, she is in a celebratory mood, gushing over him on Valentine’s Day while reiterating her belief that her late parents ordained their meeting.

"On the this day we celebrate love, I feel so fortunate to have found love in the most unexpected way, at the most unexpected time," Teresa wrote.

"You show me a whole New World, your kindness, creativity & love shows in everything that you do," she gushed.

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Teresa expressed: "I am so happy & I thank my mom and dad in heaven above for sending you."

"Thank you for loving me and showing me that it can be Valentine’s Day every day when I’m with you," she concluded.

Teresa then added the tags: "#soulmate #lovelovelove #myvalentine."

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And that’s not all. According to TMZ, Teresa isn’t all talk when it comes to new new and serious romance, either.

She and Luis have purchased a home together.

Teresa and Luis are now listed as the owners of a $3,350,000 property in Montville, New Jersey.

That’s right down the street from where Melissa and Joe Gorga just sold a property.

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The 7,728 square foot home comes with all the bells and whistles that one would expect, but sources say that the couple are not currently living at the home, so fans speculate that they may aim to flip it.

Regardless, she’s flipping with joy over her new man.