Chelsea Houska Gives Birth: Ready to See the Footage?!?

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Chelsea Houska may now have four little kids at home.

And one of these little kids may have only been alive for several days.

But such a busy and hectic home life isn't stopping the former Teen Mom 2 star from talking to her fans about very young Walker June, details behind the child's name and, oh yeah...

Chelsea Houska and Newborn

... nor is it stop her frrom sharing footage of her birth!

Houska and husband Cole DeBoer welcomed their daughter Walker on January 25, weeks ahead of the baby’s due date.

“She decided she wanted to share a birthday with her big brother, Watson, and surprised us by coming last night,” wrote the 29-year old as a caption to the following snapshot.

Added Cole: “Blessed with another little Angel! Our sweet baby girl Walker June DeBoer Stole my heart immediately! I love you @chelseahouska."

Little Walker

Taking to her Instagram Stories account this week, Houska explained to followers that she planned to name her latest baby Walker -- whether she ended up as a boy or a girl.

Where did this name even come from?

“There is a place that’s really special to me and was special to me growing up called Walker Valley,” Chelsea wrote online, expounding thusly:

“Cole and I got married there.”

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer and Walker

Elsewhere, Chelsea was candid on past Teen Mom 2 episodes about her struggles with anxiety after the birth of her third child, Layne.

However, thankfully, things are going better this time around, according to the long-time MTV personality.

When a fan asked Chelsea how she’s doing mentally these days, she wrote in response:

“I’m actually feeling pretty good so far!”

Huge Milk Boobs

Houska was feeling pretty darn surprised shortlly before actually giving birth to Walker.

“We had a full day with [Watson] …went to the hospital that night to get checked (not thinking I was actually in labor)," she told fans about the miraculous experience.

"Found out I was 5cm and my waters had broke (slow leak didn’t even know.)"

Chelsea also confirmed that she didn't get an epidural while in labor, which, just... wow. Impressive pain tolerance!

Chelsea Houska, Husband, Daughter

As for whether Chelsea and Cole will have any more children?

Like a year or so after Houska said she was 95% sure they'd be done after her fourth and his third?

“I don’t know,” she said about having yet another kid someday. “Makes me sad to think about it!” 

Houska, unfortunately, faced some criticism from random trolls after announcing this pregnancy last summer, clapping back hard and making it evident she'll have as many children as she wants, backlash be damned.

Chelsea Houska and Cole Kiss!

On Tuesday, meanwhile, Cole posted footage from the night Walker was born.

In the following video, we see husband and wife both wearing masks in the hospital due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We see Chelsea and Cole in the hospital halls, trying to “walk the baby out," while DeBoer praises his wife's looks because he's the absolute best.

We also get to see baby Walker’s initial moments of life... the very first time Cole and Chelsea hold her... and more quite personal footage from the day she was born.

Prepare yourself... and take a look down below!

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