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Sometimes, 90 Day Fiance fans discuss extremely serious, heavy topics.

Other times … comments from devoted viewers of the hit franchise will make you laugh.

Brittany Banks broke up with Yazan nearly a year ago and, as documented on 90 Day: The Single Life, tried to move on.

Now, fans think that she’s pregnant after her latest photo … and I’ll admit, it was genuinely my first thought, too.

Brittany Banks in All White

Seriously, prepare to laugh.

Brittany may have only broken up with Yazan on screen a few months ago.

But in real life, she and Yazan split closer to 11 months ago — that’s a lot of time in which to move on.

Photo via TLC

On The Single Life‘s trailer, we’ve seen that Brittany is moving on by dating — and not just one person.

From what little footage is available of the spinoff (which premiere on Discovery+ later this month), it’s clear that Brittany is dating.

She tries on at least two men for size … but there’s nothing in the trailer to suggest that she gets her happily ever after.

Brittany Banks Peaces Out

But then there’s this photo that she shared on Instagram this week.

Brittany shows a lot of skin in a lot of photos.

But fans’ eyes were bulging when they glanced at this pic … wondering, very understandably, if Brittany was showing off a huge baby bump.

However, as fans (myself included) quickly realized, what at first looks like a baby bump is actually an optical illusion.

That is her knee, which just happens to be placed in front of her midsection as she poses for the photo.

Take a closer look at the image and see for yourself.

Photo via Instagram

When I tell you that I saw this on my phone (yes, I follow Brittany) and burst out laughing after my double take … I hope that you understand.

What makes me feel better about it is that I was far from the only one to fall for the same trap.

As a result, a ton of comments flooded Brittany’s mentions.

Photo via Instagram

"Oh baby, rethink that angle," says a pitying fan.

“Chile the picture look like a nine-month belly,” another scolds her.

A follower writes: “Ohh it’s like you’re pregnant with photo.”

Photo via Instagram

A relatable fan confesses: “Legit thought this was a full-grown pregnant belly at first glance."

That same commenter follows up: “I definitely just did a triple take to make sure she wasn’t about to pop out a baby.”

An additional commenter observes: “That knee so shiny I had to look twice. Thought you were preggo. Sorry.”

Brittany Banks on Instagram

If so many fans hadn’t commented on it both on Instagram and off of it, I would have thought that I was alone in my goofy misonception.

But optical illusions are funny things. We certainly hope that everyone who hears the rumor of her being pregnant looks at the photos.

People already have enough wild and frankly unfair things to say about Brittany without confused fans propagating a pregnancy rumor that’s actually about a picture of her knee.