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Please, Audrey Roloff.

Please tell us you didn’t do this.

Please tell us you didn’t really go there.

We’re begging you.

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The mother of two and former Little People, Big World cast member has made many headlines of late for her apparent feuds with various family members.

Most notably, Audrey has very clearly clashed with Jacob Roloff and Jacob’s wife, Isabel.

The former is quite conservative and cares very much about her imags; the latter couple is neither of these things.

As a result, Jacob has often called his sister-in-law out… for her lame response to the Black Lives Matter protests last summer, as one prime example.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Anniversary Pic
Photo via Instagram

Now, however, a bunch of astute social media observers think that Audrey has hurled shade at Tori Roloff.

Sweet, innocent, well-meaning and always well-intentioned Tori Roloff.

Here’s what happened; or what some folks out there believe may have happened:

Audrey Roloff Holds Book
Photo via Instagram

On Tuesday, Audrey was asked what one of her main “Instagram pet peeves” might be.

In a response on her Story, Audrey said: “I can’t say I haven’t done it, but when someone starts their story with ‘hey friends’ or ‘happy whatever-day-it-is.”

Hmmm, wait a second.

Fans of Little People, Big World and those associated with the show noted that, just before Audrey shared this annoycance, Tori’s Instagram Story featured videos of her greeting followers by saying “hey friends.”

Tori Roloff, Masked Up
Photo via Instagram

“Hey friends! I am here to share the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for you special someone,” Zach Roloff’s wife said before offering some gift suggestions.

Could Audrey really have noticed Tori saying this?

And then replied to the aforementioned question by tweaking her sister-in-law just a bit for doing so?

“I’m telling you, passive aggressive is Auj’s new tactic. She’s just really obvious and bad at it,” one person wrote on Reddit, convinced Audrey did exactly this.

At the Doctor's

We have no idea, of course, whether Audrey was directing any wrath at Tori here.

But we’re not surprised critics are jumping all over Ember and Bode’s mom once again.

She has proven to be very unpopular online, with many Internet users thinking Audrey is incessantly arrogant, irritating and even flat-out phony.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff in 2020
Photo via Instagram

Might her marriage be a sham? It’s hard to say.

Does she offer weird and sort of awful marital advice because she thinks she knows everything above love and romance? Yes.

Has she come out with yet another book that claims to be a guide to a successful relationship? Also, yes.

We just have no clue — and, we mean this sincerely, NO CLUE — why anyone would buy it.