Kanye West: PISSED That Divorce With Kim Kardashian Will Be Featured on KUWTK!

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When you marry a celebrity, there's an understanding that you'll be sacrificing some of your privacy for the sake of their career.

When you marry one of the world's most famous reality stars, the agreement is a little different:

You basically have to be okay with having zero privacy, as your entire life is soon to be broadcast to millions of eager viewers.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Better Days

When Kanye West first met Kim Kardashian, he was probably okay with that arrangement.

Then, as now, Kanye was one of the most famous musicians on the planet.

But an important difference is that his life was more stable in those days.

Kim and Kanye Call It Quits

Back in 2011, when the couple first started dating, Kanye was not yet a billionaire; his bipolar disorder was well under control, and he and Kim were madly in love.

Cut to 2021, and all of that has changed.

The rapper is more successful than ever from a business/monetary standpoint, but his personal life is in a state of disarray.

Kimye 2020

After months of rumors, it looks as though Kim and Kanye are actually getting divorced.

Insiders say Kim had met with her lawyers, and while she has yet to actually file papers, it seems it's only a matter of time.

And it appears that despite Kanye's objections, the drama surrounding the divorce will be featured on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Kimye: 6 Years!

According to recent reports Kanye is "less than thrilled" about this development, but it sounds like there's not much he can do about it.

There are very few public specifics about West's contract with E! and with the Kris Jenner-owned company that produces the show.

But the consensus seems to be that he signed it when he and Kim were in heart-eyes emoji stage of their relationship.

See Ya, Kanye!

As a result, Kanye -- who's usually a savvy businessman -- apparently just signed whatever was put in front of him under the belief that he would never have any reason to contest it.

That naivete has come back to bite him, as the rapper and sneaker mogul has no legal grounds on which to fight the Kard clan's plan to use Kim's divorce as a major storyline in the final season of KUWTK.

Naturally, Kanye himself won't be appearing on the show, but apparently, that won't prevent Kim from discussing the split extensively.

Hello There, Wife

Filming for the season has already wrapped, and some fans are taking that as a sign that the divorce is further along than we realized.

Whatever the case, Kanye was still holed up at his compound in Wyoming while Kim and her sisters shot the final season in a Calabasas Covid bubble.

So it looks like the final season of KUWTK will be entirely Kanye-less.

Meanwhile, the drama of the Wests' split will probably continue to play out for months.

Kim and Kanye have billions in assets to split, and the forthcoming legal battle is sure to get messy.

Maybe E! should consider doing a spin-off called Kim and Kanye Go To Kourt!

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