Whitney Rose Disavows DC Attack, Sara McArthur Pierce: I Do NOT Support the Coup!

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City "friend" Sara McArthur Pierce was "caught" as part of the vicious mob in DC last week.

By "caught," we of course mean that she smiled for photos as if she weren't at a gathering of white nationalists amidst a deadly pandemic.

Now, her on-screen friend Whitney Rose is doing everything in her power to disavow Sara and the heartbreaking attack on our nation.

Fans aren't sure if they believe her, though.

Whitney Rose Gets Defensive

Whitney Rose has taken to Twitter to emphasize that she doees not in any way support the deadly attack by armed white insurgents on January 6.

"I am devastated by the events that took place at The Capitol Wednesday," she began.

Whitney's tweet continued, clarifying: "I was not there and DO NOT agree with it."

Whitney Rose tweet disavows attack on capitol

"Humanity needs more love and understanding right now," Whitney expressed.

"Let’s stop the hate," she implored.

If you're wondering why Whitney had to disavow the attack, look no further than her friend Sara McArthur Pierce.

8 January tweet Sara McArthur Pierce exposed

Late last week, fans looking through photos to identify perpetrators of the attack in DC noticed that Sara had been there.

Yes, just as she made herself known and even liked by viewers on screen, she also went to protest against the election results in support of disgraced outgoing President Donald Trump.

This would have already earned her widespread condemnation even if members of that deadly mob had not stormed Capitol Hill and endangered Congress in an attempted coup.

Whitney Rose

Unfortunately, the second part of that tweet rubbed some people the wrong way.

Her vague statement about "hate" seemed a little two "both sides" to some fans, who note that there are only two sides after this attack, and that perpetrators of it deserve hate.

And that is not the only thing giving Whitney's former fans pause.

replies to Whitney Rose tweet (critical)

"Damn," replied one tweet. "You were my favorite but if you’re liking these photos then you’re supporting it. I’m super disappointed."

"Crushingly disappointing, was such a fan!" another wrote, also referring to Whitney having been spotted "liking" photos of the white horde.

Another scathingly commented: "Not devastated enough to not like your friend’s Instagram posts supporting it though."

tweet defends Whitney Rose

"She liked the picture because her 'friend' looked cute in the picture..." suggested one very odd tweet.

"Doesn’t [mean] she agrees what her friend stands for!!!!" the tweet continued. "Everyone needs to relax and stop blaming Whitney."

That tweet received the proper clowning that it deserved.

Whitney Rose is Tired in Her Confessional

If you see photos of your friend robbing a bank, you don't click "like" to signal your approval -- no matter how cute their hair looks.

We know that the "like" function can seem ambiguous, but if someone is wearing a klan hood, a MAGA hat, or raging against Congress certifying election results, expect people to be mad.

Of course, to hear Sara tell it, she somehow didn't do anything wrong.

Sara McArthur Pierce pic

Sara issued a lengthy denial on her private Instagram, insisting that the gathering was mostly peaceful and that not everyone broke into the Capitol Building.

It's true that not everyone went inside -- some were too busy erecting a massive gallows, or beating a policeman guarding Capitol Hill to death while carrying Thin Blue Line flags.

But what Sara refuses to recognize is that every single person who was part of that crowd did so with anti-American malice in their hearts to support a fascist coup attempt. There's no coming back from that.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Rumors have circulated that, once upon a time, Bravo was considering casting Sara as a full Housewife.

These same rumors say that they backed away from that when Sara's extreme "political beliefs" were made apparent to them.

Sometimes, you need to avoid a scandal in advance -- though that didn't pan out this time.

mob in capitol

There are Housewives who voted for Trump who can absolutely be judged for doing so for the rest of time.

But it's clear to most fans that Sara went even further.

The question remains as to whether Whitney's Housewives career can survive this association.

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