Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Fans to Bravo: Fire Sara McArthur Pierce For Joining Capitol Siege!

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Sara McArthur Pierce is fighting for her job at the moment.

Along with her allegedly good name.

Oh, for those unaware, Sara McArthur Pierce is an occasional cast member on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

She's considered a "friend" of the program and has made numerous appearances on the Bravo show over the years.


At the center of an ongoing debate, however, is whether or not producers should fire Pierce for a different appearance:

She was very much on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday right before Donald Trump supporters overran police and took control of the government building in an attempted coup.

As luck would have it, Pierce was featured on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City the very same week that she took part in this violent protest.

Viewers took note -- and have since made their opinions very clear.

there's Sara McArthur Pierce!

"Get her off the show!" one critic claimed. "It’s so obvious she wanted to be a housewife. Good luck with that now."

Another added: "Andy [Cohen] will have NONE of her."

Aware of the backlash against her, along with the calls for her to be canned, Pierce has responded with anger via her Instagram Stories.

"This is what happens when a conservative uses their First Amendment rights to attend a rally and protest for basic constitutional rights..." she wrote.

Sara McArthur Pierce2

"The left is calling for Trump supporters to be executed or worse. If you ever wondered which side is fascist, bigoted and tyrannical NOW YOU KNOW," she added.

First off, we must ask:

What is worse than being executed?

Second off, shut the eff up, Sara McArthur Pierce.

Sara McArthur Pierce pic

You attended an event that results in thousands of people breaking into the U.S. Capitol.

The so-called "peaceful" aspect of this protest, the gathering that took place outside of the building, centered around death threats aimed at Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi.

You have no moral high ground to stand on here.

Sara McArthur Pierce statement1

In another slide, Pierce wrote:

"For the record I NEVERED entered the capitol. The media is absolutely lying to you about what ACTUALLY TOOK PLACE!

"Millions peacefully protested, nothing was burned or destroyed, the city was completely intact..."

An open Donald Trump voter, the misguided reality star added that "conservatives have EVERY right to protest for fair, transparent and honest elections just like all Americans should be."

Sara McArthur Pierce pic

Ignoring the fact that this was a fair, transparent and honest election... no one would dispute Pierce's point about protesting.

Just like no right-minded individual can dispute that what took place last Wednesday was not a protest.

It was an act of terrorism.

Pierce should be fired purely for not recognizing it as such.

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