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Vicki Gunvalson will always be the one, true OG of the OC. Well, she will in our hearts.

She is no longer on The Real Housewives of Orange County. For better or for worse.

Apparently, she was recently snubbed by none other than current cast member Lisa Rinna.

In response, Vicki wants everyone to know how she feels about it. But … is she going a little far?

Vicki Gunvalson on Her Insta

Recently, the 58-year-old Orange County legend gave an exclusive interview on the Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast.

According to her, Lisa Rinna – among others – snubbed her when the two attended the same event recently.

As you can imagine, Vicki was not happy about that. After all she’s done for these Bravo b-tches! The indignity.

Vicki Gunvalson SCREAMS at a Producer

“I don’t think they gave me the time of day," Vicki remarked, incredulously. Do you not remember who I am??

She then asserted: "They wouldn’t even have a job if it wasn’t for me starting this damn thing."

We’ll come back to that line to unpack it shortly, because, well, it needs some unpacking.

Vicki Gunvalson is in Shock

“The last time I saw all of them was either at Bravo Con or Andy [Cohen]‘s baby shower in January of last year," Vicki recalled.

"And truly, you know, Lisa Rinna didn’t give me the time of day," she griped.

"I said hi to her, and she was like, ‘Oh yeah, you’re Orange County.’”

The OG of OC, b-tch!

Vicki Gunvalson Makes a Face

Vicki complained that her impression from this memorable encounter was that she "felt looked down on" by Lisa.

“She’s up on the tables dancing," she recalled of Harry Hamlin’s better half’s behavior at that time.

Needless to say, Vicki was not impressed. She described her reaction:

"I’m like, ‘Why? This is Andy’s baby shower. You want attention?’”

Vicki Gunvalson All Glammed Up

“It was just all very, I just sat back going, ‘Wow, this is a little messed up,’" Vicki said, perhaps kind of sort of making a big deal out of something that’s not that big of a deal.

"Everybody was having fun," she acknowledged.

"But," Vicki observed, "you just see it from a different perspective when you’re not on [the show] anymore.”

Vicki Gunvalson Has Some News

We know that Vicki clearly has a lot of feelings about her status as a fallen OG, but we have to talk about her line about Lisa.

She said that Lisa Rinna, a daytime TV icon of Days of Our Lives fame, wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for her.

What does she mean? And is she right?

Lisa Rinna Goes Off

Vicki was part of the beginning of the Real Housewives franchise, as a star from the beginning of RHOC.

As such, she has always felt that the franchise was her creation, in collaboration with Bravo.

The series’ official creator was Scott Dunlop, however.

Lisa Rinna in a Kitchen

It is always possible that, in an alternate universe where she was not on the show, early seasons of RHOC would have been less viewed and the franchise might have turned out different.

So, does she mean that Lisa wouldn’t be a Real Housewife if it weren’t for Vicki?

Like we said, it’s possible, in a butterfly effect sort of way.

But the show was inspired by scripted dramas about affluent neighbors. Anyway …

Lisa Rinna Wants to Help

So many of the pieces were in play for the show that it’s hard to imagine, barring a butterfly effect, that Vicki’s absence would have meant that Lisa didn’t join RHOBH.

Catching lightning in a bottle is not something one single person or factor can accurately claim credit for.

And we have to note that while no one is comparing Lisa Rinna to Meryl Streep, she has been a professional actress since, well, since I was a baby.

Vicki Gunvalson for Season 13

She has so many credits to her name, from one-off appearances to recurring roles to appearing as herself as a co-host or guest judge.

Bottom line: Yes, Lisa Rinna has become a Big Deal of late due to this show, but she doesn’t struggle to find roles to appear in on TV.

It is impossible to imagine that anything that Vicki has done or could do would change that.

Of course, Vicki has never let logic or nuance get in the way of a good interview, or a chance to throw shade when she deems fit.

No one can ever take that away from her.