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With Season 15 ratings being a disappointment to say the least, all of the RHOC shade that Vicki Gunvalson has thrown is looking pretty justified.

So, if Vicki were to return to the show and craft her dream cast … who all would make up Season 16?

Vicki Gunvalson All Glammed Up

Vicki Gunvalson reigned as the OG of the OC for 14 seasons before she was cast out.

Fans are still grappling with the idea of the franchise even existing without her, so it is only natural that they look to her for her opinions.

And Vicki has opinions in spades … including about the cast of her "dream" Season 16.

In order, Vicki lists: Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunvalson, Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

Then she suggests two new additions to the franchise, provided that they are wealthy.

Finally, in last place, she offers: "Shannon? Maybe just as a friend," before allowing her followers to vote on Shannon’s potential role.

Vicki Gunvalson is in Shock

That is some shady business, and you can see where her priorities lie.

Vicki isn’t just naming her faves or her dislikes, but there’s some clear favoritism at work.

And as harsh as she was towards Shannon, some of the meanest shade is the people whose names Vicki left off entirely.

Tamra Judge Meme: That's My Opinion!

So breaking it down line by line, we start with Tamra Judge, whom Vicki has in her starting lineup (I think that that’s right; I’m not a sports person).

Tamra was on the show for 12 years and Bravo has already hinted that they plan to have her back eventually — or at least, that’s the hope.

Vicki and Tamra’s friendship has endured and even grown in the aftermath of them both leaving the show before Season 15 after being offered insulting "Friend" roles.

Vicki Gunvalson SCREAMS at a Producer

Up next is Vicki herself, of course. This one is sort of a no-brainer, since of course she would cast herself. 

But she may have a real point, purely from a ratings standpoint.

Viewership for the premiere was among the lowest ever for the series, and ratings have continued to flatline all season.

Photo via Bravo

Braunwyn has come a long, long way from Vicki dismissing her as "boring-wind," which … never really made sense anyway.

The fact is that she’s inherently interesting. She has 7 kids, she’s sober after being an alcoholic since her early teens, she just came out as a lesbian, and she remains married to her husband.

It’s not clear if her recent confession to abusing her husband will allow her to return to the show. Sean has condemned her critics, which … leaves us with more questions and few easy answers.

Kelly Dodd Doesn't Know What to Say

Kelly Dodd may be a shock to many people who know how long Vicki and Kelly have deeply detested one another.

But Kelly, and Vicki’s rivalry with her, have made for some very interesting television.

Like Braunwyn, Kelly’s future is in question. Outrageous misbehavior all year long, from malicious statements to spreading dangerous misinformation about COVID-19, may mean that she does not return.

Kris Jenner Helicopter
Photo via E!

One or two rich newcomers? Sadly, they will of course not be Kris Jenner (who, if anything, would join Beverly Hills).

But Vicki clearly feels that the show does need some new life, even if stars like her, Tamra, and Kelly form the vital "bones" of the series from her perspective.

And the fact that she’s stressing that the newcomer must be wealthy is shade at the next people on our list: the people she didn’t mention.

Photo via Bravo

Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter were both castmates of Vicki Gunvalson for two years. Clearly, she was not impressed.

Not only did she not mention them on this list, but she directly shaded them in another way.

Neither of them are particularly wealthy, weight net worths in the 6- to barely-at-7 range. That’s a great amount of money for normal people to have, but Vicki does not consider them to be her peers.

Shannon Beador Takes a Sip, Babes

FInally, Shannon Beador, the former Tres Amiga who allegedly ghosted Vicki and Tamra when they left the show. Talk about a fairweather friend.

It doesn’t sound like Vicki’s suggestion of possibly bringing her back is to patch things up.

Rather, maybe she wants to team up with Tamra and duke it out with their former buddy on camera for ratings. A lot of people would like to see it, and Shannon herself keeps bringing up Tamra.