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Break out the Funfetti cake and lay out 40 pounds of heavily salted snacks — The Situation has a BIG reason to celebrate!

Over the weekend, Big Daddy Sitch revealed that he’s reached a major milestone in his never-ending path toward self-improvement.

Yes, folks, Mike Sorrentino is five years sober!

The Sober Situation
Photo via Instagram

The Jersey Shore star shared the big news with his millions of Instagram followers over the weekend.

Mike posted a photo of himself holding a plaque commemorating the achievement.

And of course, the trophy was engraved with one of Sorrentino’s signature sayings.

Photo via Instagram

"The comeback is always greater than the setback," reads the engraving.

While Mike’s pithy expressions have become the stuff of Jersey Shore legend, on this occasion, the Sitch decided to share his thoughts at greater length.

"BDS has been through some situations in life, addiction being one of them," Sorrentino captioned the pic.

Sober Sitch
Photo via Instagram

"I have grown a lot as an individual, overcome a lot of obstacles, and one of my proudest moments so far has been celebrating 5 years of continuous sobriety this past December," Mike continued.

"Receiving my 5-year medallion made me feel like I won a gold medal, and it is a badge I am honored to wear!"

Yes, it seems that Mike actually reached the milestone back in December of 2020 (on Christmas Eve, to be exact), but it wasn’t until last week that he was honored in the fashion that such an accomplishment deserves.

Mike Sorrentino Leaves Prison
Photo via Instagram

Mike concluded his comments with a remark about the obligation that he feels to help others in their own paths toward sobriety.

"People are suffering out there because they are afraid to speak out about needing help," he wrote.

"If I can help just one person find their voice, I know it was all worth it!" 

Mike Sorrentino in the Gym

It’s an exciting time in Mike’s life, and not only because of his continued sobriety and the ongoing success of Jersey Shore.

As they announced back in November, Sorrentino and wife Lauren Pesce are expecting their first child!

Last month, Mike and Lauren announced that they’re having a boy!

Photo via Instagram

Things are certainly coming together for the Situation family — but that doesn’t mean Mike’s life is entirely without turmoil.

TMZ recently reported that Sorrentino has not completed the community service that was part of his 2018 tax fraud sentence.

(Mike served eight months behind bars and was forced to pay over a quarter million dollars in fines.)

Mike Sorrentino and Wife
Photo via Instagram

In fact, in the 16 months since his release, Sorrentino has reportedly served only 18 hours of the 500 hours required of him.

The Sitch and his lawyers blame the delay on the Covid-19 pandemic, but Mike’s probation officer insists he’s been offered numerous safe, socially-distanced opportunities to get his hours in, and he has repeatedly turned them down.

Well, as sobriety programs frequently remind their adherents, getting clean does not mean a life free from challenges.

The Sitch Is In Trouble
Photo via Instagram

But for folks like Mike, they do offer an opportunity to learn how to cope with those challenges in a less destructive manner.

Here’s hoping Mr. Sorrentino is able to figure out a solution to his current dilemma.

As he might say, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.