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It looks like the "G" in "GTL" now stands for gender reveal!

Yes, it’s been a long and difficult road for Mike Sorrentino and Lauren Pesce, but now, the favorite couple of Jersey Shore fans is finally getting the happy ending they so richly deserve.

The Honeymoon Situation
Photo via Instagram

Mike and Lauren tied the knot back in November of 2018, but their marital bliss was put on hold by Sorrentino’s 8-month prison sentence.

When they were finally reunited, the couple got right to work starting a family, but tragically, Pesce suffered a miscarriage in 2019.

Last month, Mike and Lauren announced that they’re pregnant again.

Mike and Lauren Prepare For the Big Moment

And this week, they made their big gender reveal announcement on Instagram!

“Gym, tan, we’re having a baby boy,” an excited Mike captioned a set of photos that captured the moment of the big reveal.

Mike went on to reveal that due to Covid-prevention restrictions, this was a remote reveal, and his family was not on have for the event.

Mike and Lauren Prepare For the Big Moment

“My parents were waiting to see if they could host my first party for the reveal, but because of the [coronavirus pandemic], they decided to be safe, most especially for me,” his caption read. 

But clearly the precautions in no way dampened Mike and Lauren’s enthusiasm.

“Please share all your baby boy advice [and] favorite places to shop for cute baby clothes, as my mama cannot wait to shop for me!" Mike wrote.

Photo via Instagram

"Mama and Daddy are thrilled and Mama is about to start full on nursery planning!”

Mike and Lauren celebrated their second wedding anniversary by sharing their pregnancy news with the world last month.

“Our biggest blessing is on its way,” Lauren captioned her sonogram pics at the time.

Photo via Instagram

Mike shared the news as only he can, writing, “We have a Baby Situation.”

The Sorrentinos have been admirably candid about the heartbreak of their miscarriage and their struggles to conceive.

“A lot of people always speculate but we’re an open book,” Lauren explained on social media, according to Life & Style.

Photo via Instagram

“There’s nothing that we haven’t shared with the world," she added.

“When I found out we were pregnant, I felt like this is why we went through all these challenges for years and that this was our time and it was our blessing,” Lauren continued.

“It was hard. It was really difficult.”

Surely, no couple is deserving of a happy ending.

Our sincere congratulations go out to Mike and Lauren!