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New year.

Brand new tone from Meri Brown.

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Afterr spending most of 2020 sharing cryptic memes and messages about her marriage, this veteran Sister Wives star has now taken to Instagram and issued a pair of very different statement.

But seem to show support for Kody Brown amid constant criticism of the family patriarch.

In the first meme, Meri quoted the following: "You don’t have a right to the cards you believe you should have been dealt.

"You have an obligation to play the hell out of the ones you’re holding."

This isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of her spiritual husband, of course.

It’s just saying that Meri is stuck with Kody and is gonna try to make the best of the situation.

Brown, however, then followed this message with a second one, evidently defending Kody from his many critics in the process.

(Meri, of course, has been among those leading critics for months. But whatever.)

"Sometimes the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are," Meri wrote simply and straightforwardly.

As is almost always the case with her social media posts, Meri did not cite Kody by name.

She didn’t mention her romance specifically or anything.

Remember what Meri wrote in early December, though? As a caption to the following photo, which was the first time she uploaded a snapshot of herself and Kody in two years?

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"Let’s just clarify something here," Meri said of Kody.

"I love this man…

"I’m well aware that we, as a family, have chosen to put ourselves ‘out there,’ which, in turn, brings about all kinds of speculation, commentary, and opinions."

It was nice for Meri to acknowledge this, but also worth noting that she often brought on the speculation via her own Instagram feed.

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"But it comes down to this," she then wrote of all the break-up talk online, adding:

"My relationship with him is MY relationship with him. Sure we’ve hadd ups and downs through the years (I mean, isn’t that somewhat normal?) High highs and low lows…

But here’s my truth. I love him. I love my family. I’m committed."

Pretty clear intention there, huh?

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Continued Meri at the time:

"I have 30 years in this. We struggle. We communicate. We repair relationships as the parties involved are willing and able.

"I’m an independent person who does her own thing. I travel a lot. (Well, pre-covid that is.) I have multiple businesses. I have friends. I have male friends. (Gasp! Shocker!) and I won’t apologize for that."

Meri and Kody divorced in 2014 after decades of marriage so that the latter could legally marry Robyn Brown and adopt her kids.

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Meri finally concluded as follows:

I’m human. I have feelings. I make mistakes. I rise when I’ve fallen.

Sometimes it takes longer than other times to rise. I. Will. Always. Rise. I get angry. I feel peace. I feel pain. I feel joy. I forgive. I love. I’m HUMAN.

I’m here. I’m committed. I’m not going anywhere. Don’t get your hopes up.