Leah Messer Breaks Down in Wake of Addiction, Abortion Reveals

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It's been quite a past few months on television for Leah Messer.

Or, to be more specific and accurate, it's been quite a past in general for Leah Messer... we've just seen her talk about it a lot on the most recent season of Teen Mom 2.

The cast member has been an open book in more shocking ways than one.

Leah Messer in Tears

The veteran reality star, for example, talked openly on these installments about her history of drug abuse, along with her decision many years ago to get an abortion.

Seriously, she got VERY personal a number of times this season.

Heck, Messer has admitted she used to get high around her kids.

What prompted Leah just come right out and make such confessions this season? 

Leah Messer Reunion Pic

"I just wasn't at peace with myself with who I am and I honestly just felt like I could take it," Messer explains through tears on Tuesday's night Teen Mom 2 reunion special, adding of how she's evolved over the years:

"I could take the feedback that I would get from all angles and when I carried that burden…

"Now I feel like a completely different person."

Look for Leah to really lose it on air during this reunion... before saying that she's "proud" of her accomplishments and asking a producer for some tissues.

Leah Messer Comes Clean

Last month, Messer said she admitted to her abortion in order to help and inspire others in similar situations.

The mother of three wrote about this personal decision last year in her memoir, “Hope, Grace, & Faith."

The incident took place in 2012, a year before her youngest daughter Adalynn was born.

“I’ve heard so many stories [from] many other women going through the same thing and feeling like they can’t talk about it,” Leah previously said about her choice to come clean, adding:

“So to know that I [did] that and they finally feel like they have a safe place to talk about it -- I feel like that was my goal."

Leah Dawn Messer Calvert Instagram

Having an abortion, of course, is a life-altering decision -- but it's also one that can be left in the past. It's over and done with.

The heroin use, though? The drug addiction?

"There's still some work. There's still some growth and evolving to do," Messer says on the reunion, explaining that she's proud of how far she's come and really hopes her children can now view her as a role model.

"My kids have someone that they can look up to and be inspired by and gain knowledge from."

Socially-Distanced Leah Messer

The MTV star even spoke at the taping about how Teen Mom 2 producers helped her get sober.

"If it hadn't been for executive producers really steering me into a direction where I had adequate resources and support, I would've killed myself," she admits, prior to telling those suffering with addiction to not "be afraid or ashamed to reach out for support."

She speaks from experience on this topic.

Just how real and scary was this experience?

Find out for yourself here:

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