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We haven’t checked in on Josh Duggar in a while, but if we’re being completely honest with you all here, there’s good reason for that.

For one thing, the very thought of the guy is enough to make our skin crawl. Checking in on him is always a painfully icky experience.

On top of that, well, there aren’t a lot of changes in Josh’s life these days.

Josh Duggar and His Wife

It’s been nearly six years since the Josh Duggar sex scandals nearly destroyed his entire family’s media empire, and he personally has spent much of that time stuck in a severe rut.

That might be for the best.

After all, at least theoretically speaking, the more time this man spends stuck inside at home, the less time he’s out in the world making it a worse place.

Duggars Celebrate Christmas
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Speaking of Josh’s home, it’s an appropriately bleak place these days.

We learned back in February of 2020 that Josh lives in a warehouse on his parents’ property.

It’s a fitting punishment for a guy who should be spending his nights in a jail cell.

Josh Duggar at Church

But it’s not fair that Josh’s wife and six kids should be living in such conditions simply because their husband or father is an unemployable scumbag.

Fortunately, someone in the family is doing something about it.

According to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, Josh “remains unemployed” and he still “lives in his dad’s warehouse.”

Josh Duggar and Fam
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However, the report also claims that Josh’s wife, Anna Duggar, has taken control of her family’s financial future.

Unfortunately, it seems that Anna also isn’t thrilled with the idea of working a 9-5.

(Which, to be fair, is not really her fault. Duggar women are usually forbidden to hold jobs, and she probably wouldn’t have popped out 6 kids if she knew she’d also be expected to serve as the breadwinner.)

Photo via TLC

And so, Anna has apparently decided to follow in her father-in-law’s footsteps by flipping real estate for a living.

According to The Sun, Anna bought a 1.25 acre of land for $35,000 in February 2020, which she later sold for $89,000, earning her a quick profit of $54,000.

Unfortunately, not all of Anna’s real estate ventures have been quite so successful.

Josh Duggar on Election Day
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In August of 2020, Anna listed a five-bedroom home in Springdale, Arkansas for $799,000.

She had purchased the house from Jim Bob, who paid $325,000 for it in October of 2016.

Clearly, Anna was hoping to turn a tidy profit on the place — but things didn’t quite turn out that way.

Jim Bob essentially made a gift of the place by selling it to Anna $257,078, far less than he had paid.

Josh Kisses Anna
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(And this deal was struck after Jim Bob spent years making renovations in order to increase the value of the property.)

But it seems that Anna was unable to locate any interested buyers.

The listing was removed in late 2020, even though the property remains unsold.

Josh Duggar Is Back
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Maybe Anna is plotting a new strategy, or maybe she encouraged Josh to get off his ass and make some more improvements in hope of enhacing the house’s curb appeal.

Whatever the case it seems that Josh and Anna are in desperate straits.

And Jim Bob clearly has strict limits in terms of how far he’s willing to go in order to help them.