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We know you’ve heard this one before.

In fact, if you’re a Duggar obsessive, you’ve probably been hearing this rumor for months.

But the fact remains that the family might soon be headed into uncharted territory thanks to one of its lesser-known members.

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Yes, it looks more and more as though James Duggar is courting Lauren Caldwell.

This would be unlike previous Duggar courtships, as it would mark the first time that two Duggars married members of the same family.

And it would strengthen the alliance between the two most influential evangelical clans in Arkansas.

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Jim Bob is so close with Kendra’s dad, Paul Caldwell, that some fans believe the two men arranged Joseph and Kendra’s marriage,

That might be a leap, but there’s no denying that Jim Bob is eager to curry favor with Paul, who serves as the pastor of the Duggars’ church.

So regardless of whether or not they would ever arrange a marriage between two of their kids, both Jim Bob and Pastor Paul would likely be fans of any development that would bring their families even closer together.

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And a James-Lauren marriage would certainly accomplish that goal.

So now that we’ve established motive is there any evidence that the folks who have been "shipping" this couple might actually be onto something?

Well … yes and no.

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Multiple media outlets have reported on the courtship, and many fans seem convinced that a relationship announcement is imminent.

But so far, the evidence they point to is mostly hearsay and conjecture.

For starters, James has an Instagram page now.

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That might not sound like a very big deal, but the move could be loaded with symbolic importance.

If you’re a longtime fan of the family, then you’re probably familiar with the lengthy and ridiculous list of Duggar courtship rules.

One such rule prohibits unattached Duggars from launching social media accounts.

Kendra and Lauren Caldwell

(Exceptions were made for Jed Duggar when he ran for office, as well as for Jana Duggar, who’s the exception to many of her family’s rules.)

On its own, James’ page might not be such a big deal.

But it happened to coincide with another interesting development.

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Until recently, Lauren was engaged to Titus Hall.

The engagement ended under mysterious circumstances, and some fans have gone so far as to suggest that Lauren dumped her fiance for James.

That might seem like a stretch, but the story has picked up major traction in recent weeks.

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Some sites have gone so far as to claim there was a scandalous love triangle between these three, and Lauren was forced to put a stop to it by kicking James to the curb.

Again, actual evidence is scarce, but many fans point to the fact that Lauren disappeared from social media in the wake of her breakup and has not yet returned.

Of course, that could just be her way of responding to a very public breakup.

Whatever the case, it seems that everything she does in the months to come will be interpreted as proof of her love for James.