Chelsea Houska: This Pregnancy Has Been So Hard On My Vagina!

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Honesty is a quality that's hard to come by in reality stars, which is ironic, when you think about it.

After all, it's literally their job to share their lives with the world.

And when one comes along who's actually willing to be candid about their experiences they eventually grow tired of being abused by random internet strangers, and they head for the hills.

Chelsea Houska: Pregnant With Baby #4

Take Chelsea Houska, for example.

Perhaps no star of the Teen Mom franchise has been as straightforward with the show's fans as Chelsea has.

(Leah Messer's recent memoir was a stunning act of confession, but it came on the heels of several years of misleading statements and outright lies.)

Chelsea Houska Says Goodbye

Chelsea recently quit Teen Mom, and insiders say she was primarily motivated by a desire to protect the privacy of her children.

But we think it's safe to say the abuse she endured from online haters also played a role in her decision.

Anyway, fans of Chelsea's have been delighted by the fact that it looks as though she plans to continue sharing the latest developments in her life.

Chelsea Houska's Final Episode

Except now she'll be offering updates like the rest of us -- on social media -- instead of in front of a TV camera.

And while she was always honest with fans on TM2, it seems she's being even more straightforward in her latest Instagram posts.

Chelsea is pregnant with her fourth child, and she recently entered her third trimester.

Cole DeBoer Cradles Chelsea Houska Baby Bump on Christmas Morning

In an Instagram Story she shared last week, Chelsea opened up about the difficulty of dealing with the changes her body has undergone in recent months.

“Let’s touch on this,” Houska wrote, as first reported by In Touch.

“I’m gonna be honest, it can be HARD. It’s new, it doesn’t feel like yourself sometimes and it’s not what you’re used to seeing OR feeling. (Ow my back and vag),: she continued.

Chelsea on IG

"Whenever I’m feeling insecure during pregnancy, I *TRY* to stop and take a minute to remember to be grateful to my body for creating LIFE,” Chelsea added. 

Houska went on to say that even though she's no stranger to the process of creating a life, it's still a tremendous challenge.

“Four times for me,” she continued.

Chelsea Houska's Bump Selfie

“That’s an incredible thing! But I 1000 percent have my moments of crying or looking at myself being like WOAH THESE BOOBS. Or holy s–t, this belly is huge," Chelsea concluded.

She might not be receiving MTV paychecks anymore, but we defy you to find a Teen Mom star who tells like it is the way Chelsea does.

Sure, they all private parts of their lives, but most of them aren't posting about pain in their actual private parts.

Chelsea Houska on Insta

It remains to be seen what lies in store in terms of Chelsea's career, but as the most popular Teen Mom, she's built a following that allows her to do just about anything.

And we're sure she'll excel at whatever she chooses.

We wish Chelsea and her growing family all the best in their future endeavors.

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