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Last July, Robert Springs and Anny Francisco welcomed their first child together, though Robert was already a father.

The 90 Day Fiance couple turned out to be a fan-favorite, despite many initial doubts stemming from a proposal eight hours after meeting.

Now, the two are reflecting upon their season and some of the pivotal or memorable moments.

And Anny is opening up about her sexual history, while Robert explains why he once expressed concerns that rubbed fans the wrong way.

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While most of 90 Day Fiance will remain on TLC, Discovery+ now offers a few spinoffs for streaming customers.

One of them is 90 Day Bares All, where Robert Springs and Anny Francisco checked in with host Shaun Robinson.

The married couple delved into their experiences as new parents, discussed their past experiences, 

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(As you can see here, this is not the only spinoff in which this well-liked couple is taking part — it pays to be popular)

On Bares All, the pair reflected upon a moment from their season, when Robert took Anny to a strip club for her birthday.

While we don’t generally recommend that (note that cleaning supplies or appliances are also a terrible gift unless specifically requested), this was specifically at Anny’s request.

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Anny had a blast during her birthday night out, enjoying a lap dance from one of the talented dancers.

"I touch the girls because they come to me dancing and they put all that booty in my face, what I gonna do?" Anny remarked.

"And," she added, "I enjoyed it because they was sexy too."

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On Bares All, Robert characterized that entire experience as "dope," saying that he "enjoyed it."

But at the time — specifically, the morning after — Robert seemed concerned (bordering on biphobic), asking if Anny had any sexual history with women.

The answer was yes, and when Anny followed her reply by asking if he was angling for a threesome, he shot her down and sounded super judgy about it.

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Speaking on Bares All, Anny declined to identify as bisexual, which may sound puzzling given what she said next, but she has ever right to choose her own labels.

She shared that she has hooked up with "maybe three or four" women in the past, adding "I’m no bisexual."

"I just like different kind of stuff," Anny said, leading us to wonder what she imagines sets bi folks apart. "So I just like the booty, touching."

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" … You know a woman know how you feel because they feel the same," Anny reasoned, adding: "It’s fun."

Robert explained that he was bothered, not for bigoted reasons, but because he intends "to be a one-woman man."

"I’m in my 40s now, and I just want to be a loving husband, a good father," he stated. "And I just want to have a fun, loving, household."

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It’s probably best to remember that in certain communities, threesomes are seen as a big deal and sometimes as something enjoyed by exploitative or overbearing men.

"I just don’t want the inner, old me to come out," Robert expressed. "Like, I used to run with the wolves when I was younger, you know?"

He reasoned: "That’s why I’m not with the threesome thing. I’m not with that."

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If you find it hard to believe that a grown man in his 40s, particularly one who admits that he used to have a wild side, has never had a threesome … Anny is right there with you.

"He have a lot of kids with different women. You think he don’t want to have a threesome?" she openly doubted.

"Of course he has," Anny declared. "He don’t want to tell us." That said, we cannot fault a loving father for wanting to rewrite his personal history, even if there’s nothing to be ashamed of.