Juliana Custodio: Witness the 90 Day Fiance Star's Hottest Photos!

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Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance brought some unforgettable stars to our screens.

One of those couples -- one that made it down the aisle -- was Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio.

Despite an age gap and some obvious financial differences, these two really loved each other.

Juliana is a model, and fans have truly taken notice.

She is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and is not shy about flaunting that fact on social media.

It kind of goes with the job description.

Take a look at some of her most gorgeous photos of all time, below:

1. Juliana Custodio is an outrageous beauty

Juliana Custodio is an outrageous beauty
People watch 90 Day Fiance and its ever-growing list of spinoffs for a lot of reasons -- for drama, to figure out who's really in love and who's trying to use someone, to follow genuine love stories, to keep up with their faves, and to hate-watch the stars they just can't stand. People don't really watch the show for the hotties ... but they exist.

2. Her looks are no accident

Her looks are no accident
While genetics plays the dominant role in a person's appearance, Juliana also works hard to keep her body fit and, well, hard. She's a professional model, after all. Here, you can see her unwinding after a hard day's workout. All of that effort really pays off!

3. She's professionally good-looking

She's professionally good-looking
Did you ever stop and wonder if there's more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking? Well don't bother. This is it -- as Juliana demonstrates in this black crop top ensemble.

4. But she ALSO looks great in normal clothes

But she ALSO looks great in normal clothes
We know that clothes make the man, but Juliana can wear a pair of high-waisted jeans and a white spaghetti strap shirt and still look as drop-dead gorgeous as she does when she's posing for a glammed up photoshoot.

5. And speaking of clothes

And speaking of clothes
She doesn't need them! Juliana is flaunting as much of her looks as Instagram will allow in this topless thirst trap, and no one in the world has the right to complain.

6. But it's not all about Juliana's body

But it's not all about Juliana's body
She is a drop-dead gorgeous woman in selfies, too. She doesn't need a bikini to blow people away.

7. And speaking of selfies ...

And speaking of selfies ...
Juliana snapped this portrait of herself, sharing with fans that she was taking time during the COVID-19 pandemic to practice photographing herself in a non-selfie style.

8. But yeah, the bikinis don't hurt

But yeah, the bikinis don't hurt
Juliana is allowed to enjoy her time at the beach when she wants to. Of course, even then, her photographs are always sweltering.

9. Oh!!!

Posing in this blood orange bikini (don't make me call it "rust" or "barn red" or whatever ugly-sounding name for this color might better apply, please), Juliana is thirst-trapping all of her fans and followers.

10. Yes, girl!

Yes, girl!
Juliana is by all accounts a sweetheart as well as a beauty. It's such a shame that total creeps like Big Ed Browns were caught sliding into her DMs -- despite knowing very well that she is married. Some men see a hot woman and they forget right and wrong. But then, some men don't know it to begin with.

11. Season 7 was tough for them

Season 7 was tough for them
Though editing was less brutal for Juliana and Michael than for some other couples, their 90 Day Fiance journey was filled with weird accusations from fans and castmates, accusing Michael of being a creep and Juliana of only wanting him for his money. That was not the case.

12. Even her visa interview was tough

Even her visa interview was tough
Juliana ended up getting grilled about whether she had been a sex worker. She is a hot model, and some of the interview questions are nothing short of outrageous.

13. In the end, it all paid off

In the end, it all paid off
Juliana and Michael were married in a beautiful ceremony that was captured on film. They were one of those "genuinely in love" couples who made it down the aisle.

14. And look who officiated it

And look who officiated it
Michael's ex-wife officiated the wedding ceremony, a display of a functioning and happy extended family that many co-parents would love to be able to emulate. Juliana and Michael got their happily ever after.

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