Alana Thompson Crushes Mom-Shamers: Lauryn's Doing a GREAT Job Raising Me!

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Alana Thompson is, like so many 15-year-olds, undaunted by haters on social media.

In fact, she never hesitates to clap back at trolls who try to harsh her vibe.

Alana's latest photo is showing off dazzling eyelashes while revealing that she was also wearing fake nails.

Some trolls tried to shame Alana, but she clowned them hard.

Alana Thompson in Fake Lashes

Alana shared this photo, batting her false eyelashes to the camera.

In her caption, she explained why her nails are not front and center in the pic -- as one of her long, false nails was broken.

These are all very age-appropriate looks for a high school student to try out ... unless you asked some of the more unhinged shamers of the internet.

Alana Thompson IG - original post about nails

One person who, as we will show you later, appears to be unwell took to the comments for some all-caps nonsense.

Despite Alana being a high school student, this person admonished her for wearing nails and eyelashes.

The incredible weirdo wasn't just angry at Alana, asking the insensitive question: "Where's the parenting at? Be a little girl, please."

Alana Thompson IG - y'all act like I'm 8

Alana has grown up before our eyes on TV, but she is not actually a toddler in a tiara anymore.

She replied, writing: "Y'all act like I'm 8." She's not wrong.

But, as we mentioned, the original commenter had a lot more to say in the comments. These are just a few examples, mentioning COVID-19 conspiracy theories and the bible.

Alana Thompson IG - unhinged criticisms

We hope that this very unhappy woman's loved ones reach out to her and that she can get the help and support that she needs.

"[I don't very much] care what y’all [have to] say about me," Alana wrote in the comments after her sister and mother were criticized.

"But one thing y’all [are not going to] do," she emphasized, "is talk about my mama and my sister."

Alana Thompson IG - ion much care what y'all gotta say about me

June has made tremendous progress since her downward spiral of addiction and poor choices in 2019.

“My mom is now sober of almost a year," Alana praised.

"And," she gushed, "I couldn’t be prouder of her."

Alana Thompson and Lauryn Shannon Await Their Surprise

"And yes I’m being raised by my sister," Alana acknowledged.

Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon is in her early twenties and has a 3-year-old of her own, but she has earned universal praise for stepping up to take care of Alana.

"But hey," Alana wrote, "I think she’s doing a damn good job at it!"

Alana Thompson IG - y'all are funny

"Y'all are funny," Alana commented elsewhere in the thread.

See, not all of her critics were trying to cite scripture to explain the pandemic and trying to relate all of that to ... basic makeup. Others were just anti-fun.

An incredulous Alana asked: "You think just because y'all are hating on me, [I am going to] take them off?"

Lauryn Shannon and Alana Thompson are Overwhelmed

Alana and Lauryn know that they are under a lot of scrutiny -- they have both lived with fame since childhood. For Alana, it has defined her entire life.

But that doesn't mean that they aren't going to live their lives.

People who are having trouble letting go of their image of Alana as this little girl with cute one-liners are going to have to realize that she's a teenager -- and will be an adult very soon.

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