Tayshia Adams Drops Virginity Bombshell, Delves Into Pre-Marital Sex

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As it turns out, Tayshia Adams has something in common with Colton Underwood.

Yes, she advanced to the final three on this stud muffin's season of The Bachelor.

But that's not all.

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During an appearance late last week on the Cllick Bait podcast, Adams surprised listeners by saying she waited until marriage to have sexual intercourse.

Her exact quote went a follows:

“I waited until marriage so that being said, I now have a different [outlook] on that,” Adams explained.

"I feel like sex before marriage is important because that’s such an intimate thing with your partner.”

Tayshia Adams Ring?

The Bachelorette lead noted that she thinks it is “something that you have to explore, to be honest” before walking down the aisle.

Tayshia’s ex-husband, Josh Bourelle, filed for divorce in October of 2017 after fewer than two years of marriage.

In the divorce documents, he alleged that the ex-couple had been “living separate lives” since August of 2017.

This split is something Adams has discussed during her time thus far as The Bachelorette -- but this was the first time she told the world that she was a virgin until her wedding night.

Tayshia Adams as Bachelorette

No judgment at all, of course, over this admisision and this decision.

It's just interesting, isn't it?

It also sounds like somethiing Adams perhaps regrets, saying on the podcast that it's important to get to know your partner intimately before commiitting.

“I’m not saying go have a one night stand every single day, but I’m just saying it shouldn’t be the foundation of your relationship,” Adams said of sex.

“I think it should definitely be a thing that you can connect on because I think it’s very, very special.”

Tayshia Adams Catches Rays

After splitting from her husband -- who was also her college sweetheart -- three years ago, Tayshia's mindset on this naked act shifted... yet her core values have remained the same.

“I’ve always dated with intention,” she said on air.

“I married my first boyfriend for Christ’s sake, like, I don’t have many past hookups.

"I’m not the girl that does that kind of thing, but I don’t know, I just find intimacy is very, very sacred.”

Ben and Tayshia Adams

Adams is now whittling her list of potential husbands down more and more each week.

She may be engaged.

And, if you have been reading through our section of The Bachelorette spoilers, you may know to whom.

We can't say we have any idea what happens in the Fantasy Suite this season however.

Zac With Tayshia

Adams, though, has been open about her divorce since her first foray into Bachelor Nation on season 23 of The Bachelor in 2019.

“Being a Christian woman, you get married once and that’s gonna be it. You know, you expect that from your partner as well,” Adams told Colton on the show.

“But you can’t make someone want to be married, you know?

"It’s the toughest thing I’ve gone through, and I think that’s what’s made me so strong and fearless.”

Ever since her journey as the Bachelorette got underway earlier this fall, she has also spoken about her choice to separate from Bourelle after giving it all she possibly could.

“I married a guy that I met in college. I also had lost myself in my marriage, like my identity was him,” she told suitor Brendan Morais during a November episode.

“But unfortunately, it was infidelity and other issues -- not on my part -- and then we got divorced and I too felt like I failed.”

The Bachelorette airs on ABC on Tuesdays at 8/7c.

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