Tamra Judge to Shannon Beador: Don't Talk About Me You Paranoid LIAR!

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The unending back and forth between Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador is playing out on screen and off screen.

After Shannon spiraled on camera, accusing Tamra of sabotaging her behind the scenes, Tamra is clapping back hard.

Tamra Judge at the Reunion Special

Tamra Judge may have ended her run on The Real Housewives of Orange County after 12 seasons, but she didn't fall off of the planet.

She remains friends with some members of the cast.

However, despite their former joint membership in the Tres Amigas, Shannon Beador does not number among Tamra's friends ... not even a little.

Tamra Judge on Air

On This week's episode of RHOC, Shannon arranged for a Housewives get-together.

Gina Kirschenheiter didn't show up because she had a prior engagement.

But when Shannon learned that Gina's other plans were to hang out with Tamra, Shannon freaked out.

Tamra Judge for Bravo

She more or less accused Tamra, who of course was not part of the episode, of sabotaging her -- deliberately and maliciously.

Tamra shared some of the social media responses.

One of them was a tweet reading: "Shannon tried to make it seem like it was Tamra suffocating their friendship as if Shannon didn't spend 4 other seasons crying and running out of scenes."

Tamra Judge on the Couch

"Exactly!" Tamra wrote. "I'm blown away how this woman can lie through her jeweled teeth."

"Have another drink, Shannon," she added. "It's what you do best."

We'd expect nothing less from a seasoned Housewife like Tamra.

Tamra Judge Meme: That's My Opinion!

"I'm not on the show," Tamra observed in a subsequent post, "but still getting blamed for s--t."

"Let me get my side out!" she protested.

Tamra then expressed: "Shannon is a liar and exhausting."

Tamra Judge Rocking Sunglasses

"Gina and Travis stopped by CUT fitness to pick up some weights back in March," Tamra said, explaining the absence.

She continued: "She told me that Shannon was orchestrating a get-together (during the first week of COVID) to take down Elizabeth and expose her lies."

"She wanted everyone there to get in on the action," Tamra accused, "AKA do her dirty work."

Tamra Judge Glitters in Gold at the Reunion

Shannon "loves to play producer," Tamra suggested.

But she explained that Gina, who hit it off with Elizabeth, "didn't want to get involved" in Shannon's plot.

Tamra clarified: "I had nothing to do with Gina not going."

Tamra Judge Screeches From the Audience

Shannon also called Tamra "suffocating," but the latter swatted that as "another lie" from Shannon.

“My kids and husband would beg me not to answer the phone 25 times a day," she reported.

Tamra said that they would beg her to ignore Shannon "because she would suck my energy with all her negativity."

Tamra Judge Screams at Shannon Beador

“I was just trying to be a good friend," Tamra said in reflection.

"She wouldn’t let me reconcile with Vicki," she continued, "and told me last year not to be friends with Kelly and got mad when I was.”

Famously, Shannon allegedly ghosted both Tamra and Vicki when they were no longer her castmates, and chose to befriend Kelly Dodd.

Tamra Judge Is Not Impressed

Tamra has said more than that, however, speaking her mind further on Instagram

"I have very mixed feelings,” she admitted to her fans and followers about no longer being on the show.

“It was a big part of my life for 12 years. Sometimes I miss it," Tamra said, "but I’m OK without it."

Tamra Judge With No Belly Button?

Tamra continued: "I really enjoy my friendships off camera with some of the ladies."

"In my opinion, the current cast is the worst in OC history,” Tamra opined.

She concluded: “I definitely see a shakeup coming."

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