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Well, it  might not be the JB that some fans hoped she’d wind up with, but it’s good news nonetheless!

Yes, according to a new report from the Miami Herald, Selena Gomez is dating NBA star Jimmy Butler.

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The reports originated from a Twitter account belonging to a user named Chris Piro, who claims in his bio that he’s an "NBA insider."

“Jimmy butler and selena gomez weird couple man. Sources: Dude just trust me," Piro tweeted on Monday.

Others corroborated his claim that Gomez and Butler were spotted having dinner at NYC restaurant Lucien, including the gossip page Deuxmoi.

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“Seemed like a date,” one eye witness told the site.

“100% sure they were there together. Obvi I can’t speak to if it was ACTUALLY a date, but they were there together.”

"ok ok i know deuxmoi is very unreliable but i love this selena gomez jimmy butler rumor," reads one reply.

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Butler is coming off a wildly successful season, having taken his Miami Heat all the way to the NBA Finals.

Meanwhile, Gomez recently endured one of the more difficult times in her life.

The singer was spotted undergoing lupus treatment in late October, and some fans fear that her health issues are more serious than she’s been letting on.

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On the relationship front, earlier this year, Selena was rumored to have reconciled with One Direction singer Niall Horan, but the relationship appears to have fizzled quickly.

Asked about dating fellow celebrities during a recent podcast interview, Gomez admitted it has ups and downs.

“You know, you’re wanting someone to understand what you’re going through," she said.

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"You’re almost wanting a counterpart of creativity as well and it’s, you know, interesting and fun," Gomez added.

“But the problem with that is that you end up — whether you admit it or not — you’re having your relationship for people and not even for yourself. 

So it sounds like Selena may have gotten tired of fellow musicians and decided to give an athlete a try.

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If these two are actually dating — and that remains a very big "if" — it sounds as though the relationship is still in its early days.

But who knows? With the holidays fast approaching, they might wind up getting serious in a hurry.

We just hope Jimmy won’t get inspired to try and write a song for Selena — we get the feeling she’s done with singers for the time being.