Mohamed Jbali: I Need a New Job Because I Think I Might Be Cursed!

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The last that we heard of Mohamed Jbali, he was driving delivery trucks and filming a 90 Day Fiance spin-off with Danielle.

Now, he is delivering a major life update ... and revealing that he thinks that he might be cursed.

Mohamed Jbali on a New Path in December 2020

"The older you get the less complicated your life becomes," Mohamed observed in an lengthy Instagram post.

On Wednesday, December 16, he noted: "I am 32 years old and I started to notice some less complications in my life."

"And," he remarked, "a lot of mess is getting a little more organized in my head."

Mohamed Jbali: Paranoid?

"But that's not only bcz of the age!" Mohamed emphasized.

"The last year of my life," he revealed, "I put a lot of effort to try to overcome some of the major obstacles that I have been facing."

He noticed that there was something holding him back "and was keeping me from moving forward."

Mohamed Jbali and Dog Look at the Snow

"The results were amazing and also shocking at the same time!" Mohamed expressed.

"Amazing," he remarked, "bcz I never thought I would feel some of the happiness that I always been looking for for a long time."

"And shocking," he explained, "bcz I realized how silly and stupid were the reasons."

Mohamed Jbali, Texas Selfie

The reasons he refers to are the things "that was blocking me from stepping on the right path to start the journey towards what is called happiness!"

"As a conclusion and in most cases," Mohamed commented, "failure starts with a barrier that you mentally put in front of yourself."

"And every time you try to do something, that barrier will keep you right where you are," he said.

Mohamed Jbali is a Little Frustrated

"But trying to find yourself and change the way you think about everything will give you the strength to jump over," Mohamed wrote.

"And," he added, it will give you the strength to "continue your way towards wherever happiness is waiting for you."

Mohamed then concluded: "Happy holidays to everybody."

Mohamed Jbali IG reflections in December 2020

"Its December again!!!" Mohamed wrote a few weeks ago.

"For the last 10 years of my life," he reflected, "I don't really remember even one successful month of December for myself!"

"I don't know if its a coincidence or this month just hates me," Mohamed wrote, "but its been always not kind to me."

Mohamed Jbali Drives for FedEx

"Plus add to it this amazing 2020 so its like double the amount of bad things!!!" he half-joked. 2020 has been quite a year.

"I don't believe in this stuff," he said of superstition, "but when something happens in a repetitive way the same time the same way then the brain starts to think about it."

Echoing the thoughts of billions, Mohamed wrote: "I can't wait for 2020 to finish already, its been a tough year for a lot of people I know."

Mohamed Jbali in Blue

"I am traveling to start a new job," Mohamed revealed, after spending the past year working as a truck driver.

"Wish me luck," he asked, using the high-five emojis that are used to represent prayer.

"Happy holidays to family, friends, and everyone on my page," Mohamed concluded.

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