Mackenzie McKee: 2020 Was the Worst! But My Body is Awesome!

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Mackenzie McKee just went through the worst year ever.

Yes, of course, we all did.

But the veteran Teen Mom star didn't just suffer through a pandemic in 2020...

Mackenzie McKee Promotional Pics

... she also suffered through a pandemic, while dealing with serious marital trouble, while also dealing with the death of her mother, who died from cancer in December 2019.

That's a lot for any person to try and handle.

Is it any wonder why Mackenzie has chosen to therefore stay with husband Josh, despite his admitted infidelity?

She's needed someone with a shoulder to cry on this year.

Mackenzie McKee: With Josh Again!

Despite all these obstacles, however, Mackenzie is trying to end 2020 on a high note.

Or perhaps we should say a strong note, considering McKee has shared some new photos of herself in the gym.

And she's done so by including with these snapshots a caption that makes a clear reference to the past 12 months.

And just how gosh darn awful they have been.

Mackenzie McKee in the Gym

"My face when I look at the calendar and realize we all have almost made it through 2020," wrote McKee as a message alongside the photo above.

She then concluded:

"The WORST YEAR EVER! Hopefully everyone feels like someway they grew. And that there is much hope in our future."

Amen, right?!?

Mackenzie McKee and Awful Husband

Many fans took to McKee's comments section and expressed support for this sentiment.

However, a few others have taken issue of late with the reality star's promotion of controversial weight-loss shakes.

These things are almost always a scam. You can't just drink something and shed pounds, guys.

Moreover, Mackenize has also been a workout fiend, so it's safe to assume that any body improvement she's shown off is due to actual work she's put in, as this observer wrote online:

"It's disgusting you promote this s**t to make other women feel bad when you're naturally healthy and in shape."

Mackenzie McKee Promotes Products on Instagram

We sort of agree with that assessment, but we don't feel like piling on right now.

On the recent one-year anniversary of her mom passing away, Mackenzie paid tribute to her beloved parent.

She penned a loving tribute on Instagram, along with this photo:

Mackenzie Tribute

Read the tribute:

1 year ago today I watched you take your last breath on earth. A whole year without my glue. Have you ever tried to fix a broken glass object without glue?

That’s how this year was for me. I grew more than ever.

Cried more than ever, a lot of days I didn’t even get out of bed, but also I fought to do and be better more than ever. 

Mackenzie With Angie

Thank you for always believing in me.

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for reminding me until the day you left earth that I matter and to reach for the stars.

Everyday I strive to make you proud. And thank you for choosing your last days on earth to inspire this world. You are missed momma bear.

How well said.

Also: eff you, 2020!

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