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Back in October, Teen Mom 2 viewers were stunned by a revelation that Kailyn Lowry seemed to have simply blurted out on camera without much forethought.

In a memorably awkward scene, Kail claimed that Javi Marroquin had tried to have sex with her while she was pumping gas in a Wawa parking lot.

Kail Cries on Teen Mom 2

“Oh really? Is that why you tried to f–k me on Tuesday in the Wawa parking lot? While your girlfriend is at home with your son,” Lowry ranted during a conversation with one of the show’s producers.

“You’re willing to come to Middletown, to f–k me, but you won’t come to Middletown to meet me to get your son,” she continued.

“Or even [drive] halfway to get your son. Only if it benefits you in a sexual way. Now you’re being disrespectful and I’m going to disrespect the f–k out of you.”

Kail Ponders

While not the most romantic circumstances, the proposition would have been just fine — were it not for the fact that Javi was engaged to Lauren Comeau at the time of the Wawa incident.

The fallout from Kail’s claim was swift and harsh.

Comeau dumped Javi, took their kid, and moved home to her native Maine.

Lauren and Javi Marroquin Pic

Though she didn’t take Marroquin up on his offer, the situation understandably left Lowry feeling rather guilty.

After all, there are much more tactful ways she could have informed Lauren of the situation.

Comeau — who is innocent in all of this — deserved better than to have her fiance’s misdeeds exposed on national television.

Lauren with Javi Marroquin

The most recent episode of TM2 took place after the Wawa scene aired, and it found Kail racked with guilt.

“I really did Lauren [Comeau] dirty, and it wasn’t even about her,” she told her producer.

“It was, but I didn’t have to do her like that. If I was gonna say anything, I could have just texted her or called her and said something to her directly.”

Kailyn Lowry and a Selfie

During the episode that aired on Tuesday, Kail revealed that she was confronted by Lauren after the her initial revelation.

Kail was upset with herself, as she realized that Comeau was completely in the right:

“I didn’t want it to be on TV. I’ve humiliated her enough,” Kailyn said.

Kail Is Depressed

“I mean, I apologized to her. I feel like, this isn’t the first time I’ve said something on TV, this isn’t the first time I’ve embarrassed her and she said that and she’s right," Lowry continued.

"She said, woman-to-woman, that if I know information or if I know … then I have to give it to her. She’s literally begging me for the truth," she added.

"And I was just like, ‘I can’t. You guys have to work that out.’ And I told her and I told Javi the same thing. But I thought he was going to admit at least what was in the scene.”

Kailyn Talks to Her Mom

Amazingly, Comeau has yet to comment on the situation publicly.

However, Lauren has been throwing shade at Javi with passive aggressive Instagram posts, and in most cases, her meaning is unmistakable.

“Let’s raise kids who won’t have to recover from their childhood," she wrote this week.

Lauren Comeau's Son Gets a Haircut

In case there was any doubt that she was concerned about her son being traumatized by his involvement in the world of reality television, Lauren elaborated:

“Also, protect your babies. Protect their hearts, their innocence, their sweet smiles,” she wrote.

“One of my biggest fears as a mama is that someday I won’t be able to shelter Eli from the evil of this world and it terrifies me," she added.

"I wish more was kept private, solely for the sake of our children.”

Yes, it seems that public plea for privacy was directed not only at Javi, but at Kail, as well.

Here’s hoping it found its mark.