Kourtney Kardashian Bashes Scott Disick, Flirts With Edgar Ramirez on Instagram

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Kourtney Kardashian has been in the news a lot this week.

And that's mostly because she's been going absolutely bonkers on social media.

Kourtney Rocking a Bikini in 2020

It all started with Kourtney's belief that she's too hot catch Covid-19.

Okay, so she didn't actually say that, but Kourtney posted a bunch of thirst traps in order to distract from criticism that she attended a massive, unmasked Thanksgiving gathering.

Not surprisingly, the misdirection campaign wasn't very effective.

Kourtney on Thanksgiving

But the controversy was short-lived, and Kourtney's followers have now moved on to fixating on two new narratives.

One has to do with a post in which Kourtney seems to blast her baby daddy, Scott Disick.

As you may have heard, Scott is dating Amelia Hamlin, the 19-year-old daughter of Real Housewives of New York star and Mad Men actor Harry Hamlin.

Scott and Kourtney: Back On?

Kourtney hasn't commented on the situation directly, but it seems her ex is not her favorite person at the moment.

"Sometimes the universe will send an ex back into your life just to see if you are still a stupid heaux," she posted on her Instagtram Story this week.

Obviously, it was just a meme, but considering the current situation with her ex, it's not suprising that many fans jumped to the conclusion that Kourtney was referring to Scott.

Kourtney In Purple

And the scandals didn't end there, as it looks like Kourtney's got her eyes on a beloved Hollywood actor.

Like so many others, Kourtney recently became obsessed with the HBO miniseries The Undoing.

She captioned the above photo, "Who killed Elena Alves?" a reference to the central mystery of the show.

Kourt Flirts

Of course, when celebs become obsessed with a show, they get to go straight to the source and interact with its stars.

And so it was that The Undoing star Edgar Ramirez reposted Kourtney's pic along with a flirty caption.

"I'm all ears..." he wrote.

Edgar Ramirez

"NO ONE TALK TO ME UNTIL I WATCH," Kourt replied, which may have been reciprocal flirtation, or her way of shutting Ramirez down.

Either way, it seems that Kourtney has not severed ties with Scott, and they continue to engage in flirty exchanges of their own.

"I don't cook, I don't clean," Kourtney recently wrote on IG (an apparent reference to Cardi B's "WAP"), which prompted Scott to reply, "That's for sure."

Kourt on Instagram

For most exes, that might be taken as a sign of bad blood, but Scott has always joked at Kourtney's expense.

"They definitely have had their ups and downs over the last decade, but are now closer than ever," a source close to the situation recently told E! News.

"They call each other ‘best friends.' They have truly figured out a way to co-parent that is best for them and have a good routine going."

Scott and Kourt in Tahiti

As for the rumors that Kourtney is upset about Scott's relationship with Amelia Hamlin, the insider says they're entirely baseless.

"Kourtney doesn't care who Scott dates as long as it keeps him happy and busy," the source said.

"He's in a good place with Kourtney and has been a great dad to the kids. That's when Kourtney is happiest."

Of course, knowing Scott, he'll ditch Amelia and turn his attention back toward Kourtney now that she's been openly flirting!

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