Kayla Sessler: I Was Supposed to Replace Chelsea Houska on Teen Mom 2, NOT Ashley Jones!

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There have been quite a few shakeups in the world of Teen Mom 2 in recent weeks.

So perhaps it was unavoidable that some feelings would be hurt and some folks would wind up feeling left out.

Chelsea Houska: Teen Mom 2 Photo

As you're probably aware, Chelsea Houska has left Teen Mom 2, and the episodes that are currently airing on MTV will be her last.

By just about any measure, Chelsea is the most popular Teen Mom, and her absence will no doubt present some major challenges for the show going forward.

But if you think MTV is gonna drop one of its most popular properties just because one cast member is moving on, then you don't know MTV.

Chelsea Houska on Insta

Wasting zero time, the network has already announced that Ashley Jones will replace Chelsea.

The outspoken star of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant has already developed a sizable fan base thanks in large part to her willingness to take on villains like Jenelle Evans.

She's also said to be popular among her colleagues from Y&P, so it came as no major surprise when Ashley was selected for the gig.

Ashley Jones Photograph

Needless to say,t his is a huge opportunity for Ashley.

She stands to make a tremendous amount of money and build her following even more.

We're sure Ashley's friends and former Y&P castmates are happy for her, but the spot as Chelsea's replacement was widely coveted, and MTV always considers multiple options before settling on a decision this big,

Ashley Siren

So fans have been speculating about who else the network might have considered for the job, and now it seems that that mystery has been solved.

Over the weekend, a fan asked Young & Pregnant star Kayla Sessler if she had been considered for the role.

She revealed that she was in the running, but harbors no ill will toward Ashley for beating her out for the job.

Kayla and Chelsea

"Did they ask you to do Teen Mom 2," the fan asked on Instagram.

"I knew it was between Ashley and I but the network chose Ashley and I'm completely fine with that!"' Sessler replied.

We've gotta give it to Kayla -- that's an unexpectedly mature response to the situation!

Kayla Sessler Pic

In the past, competitions for spots Teen Mom shows have resulted in intense jealousy and bitterness.

When Mackenzie McKee was passed up in favor Briana DeJesus in 2017, she was quite vocal about her displeasure with the decision.

Fortunately, Mackenzie was eventually awarded a spot on Teen Mom: OG.

Here's hoping Kayla's future is similarly bright!

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