Briana DeJesus vs. Mackenzie McKee: Teen Mom Feud Alert!

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When MTV announced that Briana DeJesus would be joining the cast of Teen Mom 2 for the show's upcoming season, the news was met with a fair amount of confusion.

After all, the show certainly wasn't lacking in storylines, and none of the existing cast members had left the series, so why bring in yet another mom?

Now, it seems that TM2 producers were aware of some very important information about Briana:

Briana DeJesus on MTV

The girl has an incredible talent for bringing the drama.

Already, DeJesus has feuded with Jenelle Evans and pissed off several of the other ladies - and she hasn't even made her debut on the show yet.

Now, it seems Briana is butting heads with a mom who's not even associated with MTV's most popular frianchise anymore.

Mackenzie McKee starred alongside DeJesus in the ill-fated Teen Mom 3, which lasted for just one season.

She openly expressed her shock and surprise after learning that producers chose Briana instead of her to joing the cast of TM2.

That was several months ago, but it seems Mackenzie is still a bit salty about the decision:

Briana DeJesus Tweet

As you can see, Mackenzie liked a tweet in which a fan complained about the addition of Briana to the cast.

DeJesus took a screen shot and retweeted it along with a simple question: why?

Mackenzie didn't respond to Briana's query, but did go on to rant about someone who follows her on social media only to "spread hate."

"I don't hate anyone. I've always loved this person. But I can promise she hates me," McKee tweeted, adding that she blocked the unidentified hater.

There's little doubt that McKee was talking about DeJesus, and she's been open about her distaste for her former co-star for quite some time:

Briana DeJesus Baby Shower

“I hope MTV didn’t choose her over me because I am married and have three kids with the same guy,” she told Radar Online back in March.

“The story on different baby daddies is what people are interested in.”

We're beginning to think MTV should also add Mackenzie to the cast for the sake of some old-fashioned feud drama.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online in order to get caught up in time for Briana's debut season.

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